Friendships as a Traveler: Missing my buddies

To me, friendships are personal relationships that have their roots in common interests and mutual understanding along with acceptance and respect for who you and they are as people. Being a highly social person, my friendships are relations I, simply, couldn’t live without! I rely a great deal on my friends. In short, my friendships are more important to me than my family is, and I’m closer to my friends than my family. As a result, they are relations that I truly treasure and don’t take for granted – ever! I do my best to support and be an important part of their lives. Of course, having a comprehensive social circle, not all of my friends are part of my inner circle, however, the ones that are, are there to stay. I have friends from different periods of my life be it pre-school, gymnasium (high school), university or my various abroad stays. As such, I have friends from different parts of Denmark as well as the world – all representing different parts of me as a person. Therefore, no matter where I live in the world, there’s always a friend. But… There are also friends I miss.

In general, being a traveler and having friends in various countries around the world is great to say the least. You have the opportunity to travel around and visit them and they you. In other words, adventures await you, and your friendships deepen as a result of these. However, on the other side, you miss them too, and your contact is limited to online messages and video calls. With the advanced technology of the 21st century, I can’t really complain, can I!? However, the distance still… sucks!

Recently, my closest friend not only moved abroad, however, moved to the other side of the world to Australia. Although we’re both travelers and have been away from each other for longer periods of time before due to travels, this time it’s different – it’s the other side of the world! This means that I can’t just catch a plane and visit her (unless I win the Lottery, of course) so our contact it limited purely to online messages and video calls. We’re still a great part of each others’ lives as before she left with daily contact and there’s no doubt that we’ll continue to be! As we have mutual understanding for each other that runs deep, she’s one of the few friends I know I’ll have for life. She’s the first person I contact when there’s any news in my life and the one I go to for advice and support. Although we do have different takes on various aspects of life, we’re very similar too. So I miss her. A lot! But when it comes to friendships as a traveler, one thing I’ve learned is that distance doesn’t make a difference – not with true friendships at least. It doesn’t matter for how long you haven’t seen each other and talked about how things are going in your lives, the moment you meet and catch up, everything is as it was before when you last saw each other. That’s when you know you have good friends – ones to keep.

xo P!







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