The Core of Happiness: What brings a smile to my face

As an emotion, happiness is a concept that everyone can understand. It is an interesting one, though, because what lies behind happiness is rather subjective. We all have various and different ideas of happiness – both on a physical and psychological level, and what makes you happy depends on who you are as a person. Nevertheless, there are many studies out there about happiness – how to discover it and chase it. These studies often include suggestions on how to become happier by for example sleeping more, exercising, socialising, being outdoors in the fresh air etc. Reading some of these studies, I found myself wondering: Instead of depending on other people to tell you how to become happier (not saying it doesn’t work btw.), why not just reflect on what you know already makes you happy? And then, simply, do more of that – chase those elements? To me, it seems like the logical step. Hence, I’ve been reflecting over exactly that and questioning what happiness is. For me, happiness is:

– Music and live concerts
– Adventures: exploring, discovering, learning and understanding
– Traveling and acquiring intercultural understanding for foreign cultures
– Comedy gigs
– Film
– Smiling and laughing
– Love: romantic and non-romantic
– Being social and going out
– Being asocial and spend an entire day watching your favourite film or TV series
– Friends and family
– Scenery and landscapes
– Flowers, especially when given to or by a loved one
– Giving and receiving letters and postcards from loved ones
– Rain: the noise and smell outside after it has rained
– Taking photos of memorable and treasured moments for the future me to remember
– Daydreaming
– Moving to a foreign country for a period of time
– Meeting new people, connecting and making friends with them
– Being open-minded and seeing things from different aspects: acquire perspective
– Compromising and learning new and better ways of doing things or handling situations
– Supporting and helping other people, especially friends and family
– Making a difference
– Opportunities as well as challenges
– Setting a goal, working hard and reaching it
– Planning, organising and structuring
– Following my dreams and making them reality
– Following my guts… and being right in doing so
– Turning something negative into something positive
– Personal growth
– Being realistic
– Being optimistic
– Being positive
– Saying goodbye to people in my life that doesn’t have my best interest at heart anymore
– Dealing with personal problems and solving them
– Being loved, unconditionally
– Falling in love
– A kiss
– A hug
– Being admired
– Being wanted and needed
– Being heard
– Being inspired
– Being healthy
– Reaching my goal weight
– Feeling comfortable in my body
– Shopping
– Financial security
– A stable, fun job with possibilities for career growth
– Being able to take care of myself: financially and emotionally, not relying on anybody
– Uncertainty about my future… then anything can happen
– Having a home and making that home homey and reflecting me
– Writing my diary and/or blog – reflecting on myself as a person
– Christmas and the Christmas spirit
– Pubs
– A cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day
– A glass of cold white wine on a hot summer’s day
– Pancakes and waffles
– Ice cream
– Strawberries and blueberries
– Lasagna

LIFE – with its ups as well as downs. It’s just great…

…what are your sources for happiness?

xo P!

Pernnille Oberg

11 thoughts on “The Core of Happiness: What brings a smile to my face

  1. I love how you listed “Uncertainty about my future… then anything can happen” as something that makes you happy. Too many people would see it as something they worry about–but I think you are right that it opens up a whole world of possibility.

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    • Exactly, Sheryl!:) And uncertainty doesn’t have to represent something bad, on the contrary. Rather it represents possibilities. I guess it’s ‘fear’ that makes some people link uncertainty with something bad?


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