Purpose of Traveling: Does there have to be a reason?

The times I’ve planned to live abroad, people often ask me: ”Why this city and/or country?” Except for London in England, which was a childhood dream come true, I don’t have an answer. I travel without purpose or reason – sort of. Of course, I have a purpose with my stay, however, I don’t have a purpose or reason for choosing a particular city in a certain country. I just want to explore, discover, learn and acquire understanding for foreign cultures and their lifestyles. It’s that simple. And for a person who wants to explore the world, this seems like a logical line of thought. Right?

Travel without purpose or reason

Yesterday, I spoke to a dear friend and told her about my plans regarding moving to Amsterdam in January. After having told her that I already have an apartment there and that all the practical matters are sorted out and planned, the first thing she asked was: ”Why Amsterdam?” Well… All I could say was: ”Because I’m drawn to the city and have been for almost a year now.” Baffled over my reply she implied that I must have some plans? My reply: ”Not really. I have an apartment and I’ll figure out the rest when I’m there.” She seemed confused and stressed on my behalf that, as a newly MA graduate, I didn’t have some plans, work-wise. Finally… I understood where she was going: If I could actually work there – that was the question. ”Of course,” I replied and told her about the job market in Amsterdam and how I’ve been researching all about it and living in Amsterdam for the last ten months. Because, of course, I have to hopes and wishes when it comes to working there, however, the rest I’ll figure out when I’m there. I’m a highly organised and structured person – I don’t really work without plans for, what I perceive, important aspects of my life (such as a place to live or work). I’m not nervous or anxious about not settling and/or feeling at home in Amsterdam – for me, home is something you create. Maybe I should be nervous… However, in my experience, things have a way of working out, and I will find a job before moving, which is all I need now that I have a place to live. Otherwise, I can’t wait for my next adventure – it will be amazing! Like always. Nothing less.

xo P!

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