Getting Personal: 50 random facts about me

1. I was born in the southern part of Denmark, however, Denmark doesn’t feel like home to me
2. I suffer from ”fernweh”
3. My dream is to live in various different countries for a certain period of time throughout my life, and I hope my future career allows this
4. I have one of those souvenir coins from every city I’ve lived in (outside Denmark)
5. I would like to travel the world and explore foreign cultures throughout my entire life
6. I speak three languages: Danish, English and German
7. I like to meet new people and get to know them
8. I like to make people laugh and make them comfortable in my company
9. I believe in soul mates – not only in a romantic way, friendships too
10. I’m drawn to gentlemen who know how to treat a lady and make her feel special
11. Behind the cold front, I’m a romantic and believe in romance
12. I’ve saved old love letters because I find them adorable and funny
13. I’ve only been in love twice – the last time is five years ago
14. Similar humour, an adventurous site and loyalty is what I look for in friends
15. I’m the type of friend that my friends go to when they’re sad and need to discuss important things and/or situations in their lives
16. I strongly dislike negative people and do everything in my power to avoid these in my life
17. I strive to turn negative situations into something positive – there’s always a positive side
18. I need to listen to music for at least an hour every night in order to de-stress
19. I believe that life would be absolutely(!) unbearable without music
20. I love to socialise with family, friends and colleagues – I need to socialise in order to function
21. However, I love my own company and need time for myself, too
22. Instead of a dog, I’m seriously considering getting a tea cup pig as a pet when I get older
23. I’m a perfectionist
24. I’m obsessed with organising, structuring and planning
25. However, although I like to organise and plan, I love uncertainty and spontaneity
26. Having grown up in a family with focus on sustainability, it’s very important to me to take responsibility for the environment by among others sorting my trash, reducing my water and electricity consumption as well as my meat and clothes consumption
27. I still keep a journey – it helps me reflect on my life
28. I’ll never be a, for me, perfect UK size 8
29. My favourite colour is a light turquoise
30. It can bother me quite a lot if people around me complain about other people without considering their point of view as well – it’s all about perspective
31. I’m a feminist and believe in equality for both men and women
32. I love receiving gifts, however, I hate unwrapping them in front of the person/people who give me the gift(s)
33. My idea of a perfect night would either be a night in with music and Netflix or a night out with friends at a concert, comedy gig, restaurant, pub etc.
34. I’m curious about spirituality
35. Due to the belief of numerology, I changed my names when I was 13-years-old
36. I don’t believe in any god, however, I do believe there’s something out there
37. Although I know it should (and it’s important), politics doesn’t interests me much
38. I hate grammatical errors
39. I find red roses a cliche – especially if they’re given as a romantic gesture to a woman by a man
40. I like to take photos of memorable moments for me to remember when I’m older
41. I’m afraid terrified of making my parents’ mistakes
42. I wished I could sing and play certain instruments
43. Taking a walk in nature calms me and is, therefore, something I do almost daily
44. When there’s nothing else to do, I often daydream
45. I don’t mind getting up early in the mornings
46. I dislike watching film in 3D – the glasses alone annoy me let alone the flying objects coming at me
47. I find the concept of marriage beautiful and would like to get married one day if the right man comes along
48. It strongly upsets me when I tell people I don’t want children and they say: ”You’re still young, you’ll change your mind”
49. I don’t believe money can buy you happiness, however, I think it helps to have money
50. My favourite flower is the calla lily (in white)


 I’d love it if you would share something random about you, too?

 xo P!

Pernnille Oberg

13 thoughts on “Getting Personal: 50 random facts about me

  1. So nice to read this. I wish I spoke more languages, and I am jealous because I have always wanted to learn German. Such a good positive person, I am glad to have crossed your path. I could go on and debate some of your points but another time. Thanks for brightening up the day!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Pravin.
      Definitely! One of my dreams is to see Taj Mahal. However, I would like to explore both the touristee and non-touristee sights of India – so that involves a lot of planning. Unfortunately, it will take some years before that dream comes true.

      Liked by 1 person

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