That Time a Year: Fall

It’s that time a year again. I adore this time a year. Fall… Recreation of life. Right before winter. Right before Christmas. And this year, right before my new life in Amsterdam begins. It’s just perfect! My favourite seasons are spring and fall because in spring, life comes back to nature and everything is in bloom. However, in fall, it’s the recreation of nature. It’s the perfect balance. Life circle, if you will.

Fall is a second spring when every leaf is a flower
– Albert Camus

Within a week, most of the leaves from the trees where I live has either changed colours drastically or fallen of. It’s beautiful… The leaves changing colours from green to yellow to orange and to red before falling of – magical!

Scenery - Pernnille Oberg

This year, I’m at my parent’s house for a couple of months. They live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. I love it here – the scenery alone… They almost have no neighbours and are surrounded by pure nature. I absolutely love talking a walk and in the cool air (and less humidity), it’s quite refreshing and such a good way for me to clear my head. Some days it, of course, rains. However, as a pluviophile, I quite enjoy the rain – and if any season, fall is the time for it! Taking a walk and enjoying the smell of rain and the freshness it leaves behind is wonderful. At other times, though, it’s just a good excuse for some indoor time – an entire Sunday under the bed covers watching Netflix for example… Yes, please! And then ”hygge” with a cup of hot cocoa to the patter of rain of the rooftop or windowpane – it’s just so calming. However, most importantly about fall, though: It’s Christmas soon!

xo P!

6 thoughts on “That Time a Year: Fall

  1. I have a post coming up about Fall in the coming weeks. It truly is the best time of year. Good luck with your move to Amsterdam, how exciting! I have heard great things about it, my cousin just returned from a trip there.

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  2. Autumn always reminds me of harvest festival at school, and collecting leaves and things to stick in our work books 🙂 It also means, in my rural part of the country, that I’m constantly getting stuck behind tractors during my commute. I like the crisp days, though. Today is one such day!

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  3. Pluviophile, what a great expression. Never heard it before, but I think I might be one as well? Your descriptions of your hometown (ok, it’s not really a town…) always remind me of the Wallander novels. Minus the murder and alcoholism. Can’t wait to see more autumn pictures from you 🙂

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  4. Hi Pernnille: What a lovely post you wrote about a glorious time of year. Fall is my daughter Inion’s favorite time of year as well.. She swears it’s when the earth is at it’s most magical. I can’t wait for her to read this post. She’ll love it. Sharing this now. 😉 xo

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