Memory Box: The perfect way to remember memorable life events

As a person who loves to write and reflect on myself, I not only keep a journal and this blog. However, recently I was inspired by Erin from Wonderlost to start a memory box as well.
Less time consuming, a memory box, simply, is a box in which you put notes in where you have written down memorable life events. Then every New Years (or whenever), you can open the box and read the highlights of your year. Of course, the concept itself can be expanded and you can make it your travel box, gratitude box, dream box, concert box, quotes box, jokes box etc. You can make it whatever you want, really – and it doesn’t even have to be a box. It can be a jar, too… Or as my start up ’box’ – the memory envelope.

Memory Envelope

Fancy, right!? Granted, I need to find an actual box, which I’ll do after New Years when I’ve moved to Amsterdam and am starting my new life. Until then, the envelope will have to do. I will use it to put in memorable life events and include both written notes as well as photos, however, also dried flowers and leaves, cocert and film tickets etc. Whatever represent a memorable life event to me.

…Now, I just wanted to share this amazing idea with all of you. I just find it such a good way to remember memorable life events for the future me to reflect upon and to maybe give a little perspective on my life. Maybe you’ll find it a good idea as well?

xo P!

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