Wishful Thinking: Future road trips

Ever dreamed of doing a road trip? I have! And not just one… several.

There are certain countries and their cultures that I would like to explore by doing a road trip. Contrary to a vacation, I believe that a road trip would allow a more intense insight into a country’s culture(s) over a longer period of time. The fact that it would be over a longer period of time is key to me. Because, when it’s over a longer period of time, you, simply, have more time to explore a culture and acquire deeper understanding for it. This, I find very appealing.

At the moment, I have seven countries in mind in which I would love to explore a country’s different cultures and acquire some understanding for its lifestyle(s). The seven countries are that all have a stunningly beautiful scenery as well as, for me, interesting history in common are 1) Norway, 2) Sweden, 3) France, 4) Germany, 5) Australia, 6) America and 7) Iceland.

Thousand places to see before you die

I don’t have any specific routes in mind nor plans on when and with whom it could actually be possible to do these road trips. However, I have a plan of doing them some time in my life with friends and hopefully my future husband. Moving to Holland soon, I could imagine that road trips in Germany and France might be possible within the next couple of years. Furthermore, with plans on settling in among others America and Sweden within the next 10-15 years for a longer period of time, doing road trips in America, Sweden and Norway should be highly likely. For Australia and Iceland, however, these road trips are road trips geographically further away that acquire a certain amount of economic resources – so I better start saving. But for the adventures that lies ahead, it’s worth it! The chance – any chance, really – to explore foreign cultures is right around the corner and I plan to take it!

xo P!

23 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking: Future road trips

  1. I am totally with you when you say that it’s important to spend more time in a certain country or city! You get more relaxed, because you don’t have to rush things and you are able to dive into everyday life at least a little bit. Let me know when you’re heading to Germany! 😉

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  2. Hey there, first time visiting your blog…I really enjoyed it! I am not a fan of flying so I totally agree with you, road trips are the best! I like having the control too, of going when and where I want. This year I was lucky enough to take two road trips…one to Chicago and one to Nashville. Both are about a 12 hour drive from home. I would love to go cross country from NY (where I live) to Cali. What fun!!!


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    • Hi Cindy,
      Thanks for stopping by – I really appreciate it! I’m glad you liked the post, too:)
      Wow, that sounds like so much fun! It must be so amazing driving through the States and exploring the difference in not only scenery but also cultures.


  3. We love road trips. I’ve recently been blogging through our summer trip from Minneapolis, MN to Ann Arbor, MI through rural Michigan’s upper peninsula. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and not as well known. We stopped every 2 hours at parks and sight seeing spots (mostly because we had a hungry newborn along for the ride.) but seeing the country side was awesome!
    We found, among other things, a free zoo. An awesome crystal clear spring with a free ferry you could pull yourself across, a great wooden castle park for the kids, and saw the beautiful Mackinaw Bridge.
    I know we’ll be taking the route again because I have family in Michigan, and I’ve already found some awesome sites to check out when our littles are a bit older.


  4. How fun to have started your list! My husband and I are making a list as well for our retirement travels. Make sure to leave lots of time for the US – it’s big. My cousins from Holland routinely plan sightseeing vacations here and then realize that what they want to see will take them months not weeks. 🙂


  5. Such a nice read! I agree with you, road trips and extended slow travel is definitely a great experience–there is so much you can learn from being mixed in with foreign cultures and differing beliefs… I think that’s why I always tell people that I didn’t grow up until I left my home country. Also probably why I am always itching to go somewhere.

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    • Without any doubt, it is beautiful in Denmark. However, because of its size and the fact that I’ve grown up traveling around here, there’s not much more to see here for me. This is why I’m more interested in traveling abroad:)

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  6. If you get to Seattle, my four daughters will be happy to show you the city. Another thought is Nova Scotia, Montreal, Toronto, train across prairies and mountains to Vancouver, then up to Alaska or down to Seattle (from which you could head in any of several directions for U S landscape and diversity of culture).

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  7. Tomkoonz has good advice for a beautiful trip. The Scandinavians who went to Seattle had a long trip. To do my research on my Danish father, I’ve had to travel 3,000 miles as I live on the East Coast in Maine and North Carolina.

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