The End of an Era: Excitement for what’s to come

Today, it’s my birthday. Another year has gone by …so quickly. I can’t believe that it’s already my birthday again… And that I turn 26 years old. Instead of panicking over getting closer and closer to my 30s not having anything specific planned for my future, I choose to take my birthday as an opportunity to step back and sort of reflect upon my life. Because, this year, my birthday is special. This year, my birthday is a game changer.
In many ways, 2015 has been the end of an era, and my birthday just underlines this fact. Soon I’m relocating to Amsterdam, Holland, where an entire new life awaits me as a grown-up (ish) graduate with work and lots of responsibility. Although the concept of responsibility scares me, it also excites me. Finally, I’ll be left all to myself – for good and bad – and I’m ready. …I’ve been ready for a long time now.

After having graduated from university this summer, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am and where I’d like to go. As you can read from the last months’ blog posts, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection and come to the conclusion that all I do know is that I want to spend my life traveling and meeting wonderful people. Everything in between is sort of a bonus, as I know that traveling and having wonderful people in my life will automatically make me happy. The fact that I have no strings attached being single and all means I can pretty much do as I please, which is an amazing feeling. I don’t have to consider anybody or anything in the process – except for a relatively good salary for my next job. This makes my life as an aspiring traveler so much easier.

All through my life, I’ve set myself certain goals to reach and worked hard to accomplish these – well-knowing that everything comes at a certain time and pace, and that you can’t really rush things …although, being quite impatient by nature, I wish I could sometimes! These personal goals come to me as inspiration every now and again. Without any hesitation, I follow them to make sure, I not only follow my intuition, however, also my ambition in life. Because, truth is, I am quite ambitious, and I work hard to never let myself down. So far that’s worked out very well. In this sense, being the type of person who plan, organise and schedule all the big things in my life down to the littlest detail, I’m always right on track – especially, because I leave room for obstacles along the way. That’s just how I like it – always prepared, with a back-up plan. As I, now, start a new era in my life, I’m aware that this might not be possible to the same extent in the future, as moving permanently abroad to a country whose (among others) welfare isn’t the same as here in Denmark and things, as a result, are a bit more risky than what I’m used to. However, this fact will undoubtedly only make me work harder – setting and striving for goals while keeping busy living an active life, chasing my ambition…and continuing happiness. Hence… Even with no specific plans for the future, I’m excited for what’s to come. Because, when nothing is sure, everything is possible.

xo P!

Pernnille Oberg....

53 thoughts on “The End of an Era: Excitement for what’s to come

  1. Gratulerer med dagen 🙂
    Having goals is what makes our lives move forward 🙂 I think you’ve done an excellent job this far (and will continue to do so. )
    And happy relocation 🙂
    I think 30s are the best years in a woman’s life 🙂

    P.S. start panicking when you get close to 50 😀

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  2. First things first…have a wonderful twenty sixth : )
    Just wondering though if there is anything called ‘ Absolute Freedom ‘ in this world. Well , maybe with more years perspectives change . It’s always nice to have a nest to fly back in .
    At your age I was expecting my son and had different set of goals….refreshing to read about yours. Cheers to new beginnings !!

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  3. Happy Birthday Pernnille!!! have a great day… and enjoy all of your new adventures… you will be fine… the reason i know that .. i felt the same way at 62 when I retired… smile… Enjoy every endeavor … you will be stronger for every new challenge and adventure. Happy trails…

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  4. Happy birthday Pernielle! Reading your post I feel so excited for you. You have so much to look forward to. I wish you happiness, lots of wonderful adventures and a fantastic fun filled future. Go for it!

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