Down the Rabbit Hole: Future relocation abroad plans

As an aspiring traveler always on the move, I have certain countries in mind in which I would not only love to travel to, however, also live in. Let’s just say: I’m not planning on returning to Denmark once I move abroad again next month. Ever… No, I want to settle in one country at a time for a longer period of time. That’s the plan. Truth is, Denmark has never felt like home to me, and I’m quite certain my home is out there somewhere. Maybe the best way to explain it is through the concept of fernweh? …I suffer from fernweh: What fernweh means is, basically, that you’re homesick for a place you’ve never been. As such, I’m sure that I’m destined to lived abroad somewhere. I just need to find the country I belong to first. Until then, I’ll travel and settle in various countries for a longer period of time. …Of course, you never know what the future holds, and I might end up falling in love with the next country, I move to. If that’s the case, then I know I’ve found my home and then I’ll be content with traveling the world and living permanently in that country. So when I write ”future relocation abroad plans,” they’re just plans – not set in stone. As a quite ambitious and determined young woman, I also want a career. Hence, my career comes first. Hopefully, however, there’s room for both a career and traveling. Anyway, for now, I have four future relocation abroad plans: Amsterdam, New York, Edinburgh and Stockholm.

Holding the world in my heands

Amsterdam, Holland
First and foremost, there is Amsterdam in Holland. I’m moving there next month and I can’t wait. I already have a furnished apartment with two roomies waiting for me while I’m currently looking for a job.
Recently, one of my friends asked me why my heart is set on Amsterdam. The only way I can explain it is that I’m drawn to it. My intuition tells me this city is the next stop. It, simply, has to be Amsterdam. …When I imagine my future life in Amsterdam, it puts a smile on my face. It makes me happy. This feeling isn’t new to me: When I relocated to London, Dublin and Berlin, I had the same feeling. Although these adventures were part of my education and, therefore, not permanent, it can’t quite be compared to moving to Amsterdam this time. However, as these adventures turned out nothing but amazing, I am not one to question my intuition. I follow it. Whole-heartedly. Hopefully, this adventure will turn out just as amazing as the previous relocations abroad have.

New York, USA
For some reason, I just have to live in America for a period of time. I wish to experience first hand the differences between the American and European cultures – lifestyles and line of thoughts. For some reason, this is very intriguing to me. Obviously, NY represents only one part of the US, I am aware of that. Nevertheless, New York, NY, is where I’ve set my heart.
The reason why I have my heart set on New York in America is due to its reputation as a young and dynamic city. …The city that never sleeps. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to be restricted to a certain generation or age group which means that when I’ve explored Amsterdam and Holland to its fullest for 5-10 years, I’m not old enough to relocate to New York. And this city characterised as colourful and adventurous in the land of opportunity, I will fit right in – for a period of time at least.

Edinburgh, Scotland
Then, once I’m tired of the fast-paced city life, I plan to move to Edinburgh in Scotland. Green, fresh and beautiful Scotland.
When a dear friend and I visited the city back in 2013, I completely fell for its charm – the culture, history and people. As such, it’s a culture I want to explore further – and just just for a vacation, no I wish to settle there for a longer period of time. And with the opportunity for weekend tours around Scotland and to the Lake District in north England as well as the rest of UK and Ireland, I’m certain that my 40s here will be well spent and bring me calmness along with a more mature and grown-up version of me.

Stockholm, Sweden
Finally, I plan to grow old in Stockholm in Sweden.
I fell in love with the city when I visited Sweden earlier this year. This beautiful capital with stunning architecture, harbour views and scenery captured my heart immediately. As such, it is a city in which I can very well imagine myself grow old with a future husband because it’s lively, however, not too lively – it’s the perfect combination of adventurous and calm.

So… Those are my current future relocation abroad plans. Do you have any? Where would you like to settle for a period of time – or permanently?

xo P!


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23 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole: Future relocation abroad plans

  1. I’ve found my home in Spain, but I’d like to relocate to Barcelona or move back to Valencia.

    I would love to just travel the world for a year (or more) though, learning about every country.

    Good luck on your relocation plans!

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  2. I’d love to live in New York, it’s such an amazing city, or Toronto (which is close enough to New York!). Anywhere as well where I can travel from! Australia is such a long way from everywhere. It’s so good you are following your heart!

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  3. Ah! These sound like such fantastic places! ^.^ I’m jealous of all the opportunities that Europeans have to travel. I mean, yeah the US is big and has lots of places, but, for the most part, the culture is all the same. Europe offers such a bigger variety. (Plus it’s much easier to travel there. The US is almost too big some days. :/)

    Though, I must say, having been to Europe three times now (always to Germany because I have friends there), I have decided my next trip will be elsewhere. /Much/ elsewhere. Like Japan, elsewhere. :p It’s been a dream of mine to visit the island, see the culture, understand the people because they are probably one of the most unique cultures and extremely different from American culture.

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  4. I fell IN LOVE with Amsterdam — great choice! I was only there three days last month and I want to go for a longer period of time and join the bike culture, even if only for two weeks. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. One tip: Amsterdam has a library that I could go to every single day of my life. You’ve gotta check it out. Its cafe is…(I’m so tired of the word “amazing, but it is)… amazing.

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  5. Remember the USA is a large country in scope, like Europe as a whole. NY, NY is a small microcosm of this country. If you are here visit the northwest, the west, the southwest, the south and eastern seaboards to get a good understanding of us. They all have something different to offer and are as as different as France, Italy, Germany, the British Isles, Norway, Denmark, etc. Have a great time finding your place in the world.
    So far I feel at home in the north of France (Normandy and Brittany) and then in Switzerland (in particular around Interlaken). But that is my age talking, I enjoy the slow pace, the outdoors and great food of those areas.

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  6. Oh you will enjoy, NYC when u get there,it’s fast paced and it truly never sleeps, between Broadway, opera, sports… Restaurants, NYC is a melting pot.. And theirs a restaurant for every different culture.. So enjoy!!!

    My abroad place would be Barcelona or Paris. I’ve been to both and I would like to stay for a month or two.

    FYI, the US is a young country and the cities with the fantastic buildings with age , you will find on the Eastern seaboard, from Boston down to Florida. NYC Being 1…

    I can say after seeing the buildings in Europe, we don’t know old or historic!!! Smile.

    Safe travels

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  7. You seem like you have it all planned out so well! Hopefully your plans work out better than ours do – aka they never end up going how we imagined they would- so hopefully you are better at that! We want to live in a ton of different places – Colorado USA, New Zealand, Spain, California USA, Easter Island, Patagonia, and the list goes on and on!

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  8. Fantastic post.. inspired me to write one of my own.. regarding your list, after living in Stockholm for 3 years now, I totally agree.. One of the best places to have a family and settle down.. as for me, well, Indonesia, the Netherlands, maybe someplace in South America and in the end, back to India..

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  9. Good luck in Amsterdam…my favorite city (because it’s not really a city…the inner circles of canals). I would move there with no regrets. I feel at home there. But then, my ancestors were Dutch. From the island of Texel, just a couple hours trainride north of Amsterdam. Go there for a weekend. Take a jacket.

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  10. Pernnille! I must admit a pang of envy at your adventuring off to Amsterdam – when I visited the Netherlands I only got to see Utrecht and a few other places in the south but I really wanted/want to get to Amsterdam too. Look forward to your posts when you get there!


  11. I understand totally. I love to spend ‘real’ time in a country. I ‘just have’ to live in Canada, preferably Vancouver. I’ve visited, and travelled right across, but want to live there for a while. 🙂


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