Wonderlost Wednesday: Egeskov Castle

I don’t only love to explore foreign cultures and their histories, I also like to explore my own culture. As such, I wanted to highlight one of my favourite Danish tourist sights – a real Danish treasure: The privately owned Egeskov Castle.

Egeskov CastleEgeskov Gardens





Egeskov Castle is this renaissance castle located on the island of Funen. Dating back to the 16th century, the castle has a lot of history, which my family and I explored through various exhibitions inside and outside of the castle back in 2013. The castle, namely, exhibits not only furniture and clothing from the era, however, also a vintage collection of automobiles and motorcycles along with airplanes and helicopters. Moreover, as the exhibitions are not solely restricted to the area, we also got an insight into Denmark at the time: Social norms, behavior and agriculture. As if this wasn’t enough, we spent hours in the stunning gardens where we enjoyed a delicious meal at the castle’s restaurant.
All in all, Egeskov Castle is definitely one of the tourist attractions worth visiting should you ever find yourself in Denmark.

xo P!

10 thoughts on “Wonderlost Wednesday: Egeskov Castle

  1. It’s so important to get to know your own cultural heritage. How else can we understand our cultural memory and the roots of our everyday behavior? I must admit, I always lack a kind of interest for my own culture, which is a shame. But through the eyes of friends visiting, you’re often given a mirror, reflecting how your own reaction to something like a medieval castle should have been. Another reason to support intercultural communication 🙂

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    • Sometimes you understand your own culture better when it bumps against someone else’s culture — also known as the culture clash. I think travel is the best way for people to be more open about culture and ethnic differences.

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    • I completely understand you! I think other cultures are automatically more interesting for us travelers than our own culture – and I agree, it is a shame. But as you say, when foreign friends visit, it’s the perfect excuse for exploring one’s roots.

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  2. This is truly amazing, Pernnille. I believe we often times think so much in the culture of others that we forget to explore the pieces of our own culture, the pieces that make up who we are. This is a great reminder of that, and a beautiful reminder, too.
    Though, America doesn’t really have any castles to showcase. :p

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