Wonderlost Wednesday: Bristol

Being a huge fan of the English graffiti artist, Banksy, and his street art, my motivation for visiting Bristol was solely based on exploring the city through his art. As such, my dear friend and I made it a themed trip with Banksy as the focus point. However, as it turned out, the city has so much more to offer than just Banksy, and my friend and I decided to stay a bit longer than originally planned exploring the city and its charm to the fullest.

Bristol City CentreFrom Cabot Tower





With a beautiful city centre, habour, parks and gardens not to forget the stunning Clifton Suspension Bridge, this city is perfect to visit during the spring or summer time in order to spend some time outdoors. Needless to say that there, of course, are both cafes and shopping opportunities that we ended up indulging ourselves in. Moreover, we spend quite some time exploring the beautiful city with old buildings and parks – in particular the cathedral was a treat. Furthermore, we also spent time at Brandon Hill with the Cabot Tower, where we had full view over the city – with our sandwiches, this was a really lovely experience.
All in all, Bristol is definitely a city worth visiting (during spring or summer) – especially, if you visit with a car. Because then, you’re also able to visit various estates and castles close to the city. I would definitely recommend that – or join a day tour with a tour operator.

xo P!

BanksyClifton Suspension Bridge

15 thoughts on “Wonderlost Wednesday: Bristol

  1. This is wonderful, Pernnille. ^.^ It’s amazing what wonders people will find when they visit somewhere, even if it’s not what they’re originally looking for.
    Is this graffiti artist accepted for his drawings? I ask because graffiti is generally frowned upon in America and I was wondering if the same applies over there.

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    • That’s true. The hidden treasures are often the best!:)

      … That’s a good question. Well, it is illigal. Always. However, I tend to seperate grafitti and street art. Banksy definitely makes street art – and he is well-known around the world for this having traveled and made grafitti all over the world. Among others in the US, Berlin, Palestine etc. Maybe you know his work if you google him?


  2. Glad you appreciated my home town, I think it’s the next ‘in place’. Such a shame you couldn’t have visited a couple of months earlier with the nearby Dismaland exhibition in Weston-super-Mare, that was superb.

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  4. I agree with the comment above, ‘Dismaland’ would have been a treat for you. Bristol is my home town although I now live in Spain, but I was lucky enough to visit the installation at Weston super Mare on a visit earlier this year. Bristol is a great place – so much to do and see. By the way. Banksy has a Facebook page where he posts interesting pieces on a regular basis.

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