In the Process: Preparing my next relocation abroad

…Plan, organise, research…
…Then plan a little more, organise a little more and research a little more…

At the moment, I’m in the middle of planning and implementing my next abroad relocation. Within the month, I will (hopefully, if everything works as planned) move permanently to Amsterdam in Holland. I can’t wait! I have been counting down to December for so long now, and it’s finally time… Time to make my dream come true. However, the relocation, of course, comes with a lot of planning. Fortunately, this is something I don’t only enjoy, however, also something I’m quite good at. As a result, I already have all the necessary paper works as well as an apartment. Moreover, I have even started to learn Dutch via Duolingo and scheduled a meeting with the municipality in order to receive a personal number, which is needed for…everything really. Now, I just need a job. As such, I’m currently in contact with various companies in Amsterdam regarding a full-time job within my field of interest.

Job search
As it will be my first non-student job, I am excited to see what exactly I’ll end up doing and in which field. Of course, I’m applying for certain jobs connected to my experience and education. Nevertheless, there are many opportunities out there. Hence, as much as this is an interesting and exciting process, it is also a scary one. It is scary due to the uncertainty linked to it – simply because I have no control over the situation. I mean, of course, I send out applications and make sure to continually improve not only my CV but also my cover letter, which has shown highly positive responses. But… In the end, you never quite know whether or not the companies in question find you an attractive candidate for the job or that you lack experience and/or certain qualifications. Hence, I can do nothing more now but wait… Wait for feed back and a yes or no reply to my application… …Let’s just say, I’m not the patient kind, and to not have control over my situation is rather annoying… Nonetheless, this is my current situation. And when nothing is sure, everything is possible – let’s stay positive and optimistic, shall we.

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26 thoughts on “In the Process: Preparing my next relocation abroad

  1. Ah! This is awesome! You sound totally prepared. I can’t imagine everything one has to go through to move to a different country. I can barely figure out how to move to a different state in the US (and you don’t need any paperwork :p).

    As to the waiting part, I get that all too well. Not because of a job. (That’s well and done now.) However, I’m in the process of waiting back from graduate schools to see if I’m accepted for a PhD. /That/ is nerve-racking considering my future career kind of relies on getting into a university and receiving my degree. 0.0 No pressure… But you’re absolutely right! Stay positive! We’ve done the best we can and now it’s in the hands of other people. ^.^

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  2. Congratulations, not only for your plan to uproot and emigrate, but also for putting yourself “out there” in the larger world. May it always be thus for you. At 25, I left the US for the first time to live in Kuwait. Perhaps because I already had the “travel bug”, excitement overrode anxiety, but that experience and learning how to handle the tsunami of change was like the impetus behind all subsequent adventures. Good luck!

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  3. Good luck with the jobs. I have got work by the unorthodox method of challenging the employer to try me for a week on a totally minimal wage, agreeing that if I am not good enough I’ll leave. Of course you have to have confidence in your abilities to learn fast from all around you, and make the most of your existing skill set, but it can work. Many jobs have ‘qualifications’ far broader than the actual job, you may not be fully ‘qualified’ but if you can grab the skills for that job, away you go. In one case a job was advertised for an apprentice served Cabinet Maker (not me but I had a lot of carpentry and other skills), I got the trial and in 4 months had two pay rises and my advice was being sort by the other workers.

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  4. As a person who speaks Dutch fluently (I live in Belgium), I’d say it’s a pretty difficult language to learn. But respect for your choice to move abroad and living new experiences! I myself am thinking about such possibilities in the future. 🙂

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