Attending Concerts: It’s all about that musical epiphany

…It’s all about that musical epiphany…

To me, music is a life passion. As I’ve touched upon in previous posts, I cannot go a day without listening to music. I need it to de-stress and switch off. I wish I could sing well or play an instrument (I would love to play the guitar or piano), however, that’s not the case. For now, anyway. I’m certain, I’ll learn eventually. Until then, I’ll have to do with recordings and attending concerts of gifted artists, which is quite the adventure.

Music notes

Although a rather expensive passion, attending concerts is something I highly value for several reasons. Of course, you can always enjoy music by listening to recordings. However, attending concerts is not only about seeing my favourite artists and listening to their music – no, it’s also about feeling the energy from these artists as well as fellow fans. …Being part of the fan community raises my spirit every time and gives me a boost and an experience that lasts a life time. Not to forget: It’s the perfect way to switch off for a moment and forget about every day troubles – just relax and have fun with friends and fellow fans. …Simply, immerse in the music.

By now, I’ve attended various concerts – both concerts of famous and non-famous musicians. As a result, some concerts are more memorable than others. They are more memorable for various reasons. For example, respectively Coldplay and Ed Sheeran concerts I remember specifically because they were dreams come true. Their music has had and continue to have an important part of my life. Hence, seeing these artists live, listening to their music, feeling everything and nothing at the same time in the company of good friends and fellow fans is something I will never forget. These concerts, simply, had an emotional impact on me – an emotional impact that continues and one that I truly treasure. However, I don’t only attend concerts of my idols… I like to attend all sorts of concerts – whether I’m a fan of the music or not. Sometimes it’s just for the experience itself and can be at arenas, concert halls or pubs. This was also evident when I attended respectively Snow Patrol’s and One Republic’s concerts. I didn’t know their music too well. As such, apart for a couple of hits, What I expected before going was to discover new music. However, these two concerts turned out to be so much more than just that. They, namely, turned out to be musical epiphanies to me. And that’s what it’s all about when attending concerts. At least to me. That musical epiphany. That moment when you fall in love with music all over again because you discover a truth in life through music – a connection. That moment exactly. It’s priceless. …Even though you can do that through recordings as well, it’s just not the same. At concerts, not only do the musicians open up, the audience opens up too. For an hour or two, this ”concert community” is a safe haven amongst fellow fans with open minds and hearts.

Throughout the last couples of years, I’ve attended lots of concerts and festivals in Denmark and abroad. As a result, I’ve among others experienced Dúné; Mads Langer; Coldplay; Florence and the Machine; James Morrison; Rihanna; Rizzle Kicks; Snow Patrol; Westlife; Christina Perri; Ed Sheeran; Elton John; Kaney West; Kings of Leon; Lady Gaga; One Republic; Passenger; Pharrell Williams; and many more. For 2016 in Amsterdam, I hope to join Hozier’s, Ellie Goulding’s, Adele’s, Coldplay’s and Rihanna’s concerts. I have no idea if this is financially possible at all. However, one can always dream and then make sure to chase those dreams, right!?

xo P!


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9 thoughts on “Attending Concerts: It’s all about that musical epiphany

  1. Well said. I heard this quote from somewhere and I think it is true: “Music is what feelings sound like. ” I think that is true, and the live experience is a connection between thousands of people, experiencing the same thing. I still remember the experiences of concerts from 30 years ago. (I sound very old saying that) but it is true. Each unique and interesting in their own way. Keep on listening and singing along because that is where the magic happens. 🙂 As for the concerts you want to see, every dream starts with a thought, that is then pursued into words and then actions will follow that make it happen or not. Good luck making yours come true.

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  2. Oo! Piano is so hard. -.- My tiny fingers barely reach an octave, making it super difficult for me to play, but I still enjoy it. And I’m totally with you on music being a passion! I can’t live without it! I even tattooed it my arm. ^.^

    Concerts are the best. There is definitely something about the atmosphere that makes it all worth while whether that’s a rock concert or a symphony. Very different, but so full of energy. (It’s one of the reasons I love going to the ballet around Christmas time.)

    I love the ‘concert community’. It reminds me of when I went to a Deichkind concert in Germany a couple summers back. I only knew a handful of songs (and barely any of the words since German isn’t my first language), but just standing up on the hill and looking down over the sea of fans all moving in unison. It was EPIC! There was a feeling, a sensation, a power watching it all. I can’t even explain it. :p

    Haha! We do /not/ listen to the same music. :p But doesn’t that just make it even more interesting to see how we can be affected in the same way by different music? Amazing!

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  3. I’m the same way, with music as a constant in my day-to-day. Anything from punk to folk to electronica, and especially when experiencing it live. There is nothing that warms my blood and gets my heart swelling like that moment the lights go dim and that first note reverberates throughout the room, and the next second you’re one of a cohesive mass of bodies singing and dancing along in rhythmic euphoria. Praise the sound!

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  4. While I was reading your post, is was as if I had written it myself. So true for myself as well! My moment of epiphany came at a Eric Clapton concert in 2010, when he played a song by Jimi Hendrix, I was blown away for 15 minutes my mind was floating all over the place. I guess if I wanted to try to explain my passion for music, I’ll have to write my own post 😀 Keep on listening, keep on dreaming, because dreaming is a form of planning!

    If you ever come to Belgium for a concert, I’d happily show you around if you need a guide!

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  5. Concerts of course aren’t just live music, they’re an experience, as you said. Every single show is unique. You will always remember when the guitarist did that crazy thing with the fire, or that song that they played for an extra verse because everyone was so into it. All memories and times when you got to have an intimate moment with the people on stage. A moment that only yourself and the people in the crowd got to have. It’s amazing

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