Wonderlost Wednesday: Bath

Let me just state what you’ll later have no doubts about: Bath is one of my absolute favourite cities in England! Located in south west England, this city dates back to the Roman times – actually it was the Romans who founded the Bath we know today. Even though the city was established before that and known for its hot springs, it was the Romans who took advantage of these and build Roman baths. As a result, the city became known for these and has continued to expand since the Roman times. Especially later, when a cathedral was build and the city became a religious centre.

Bath Roman spaBath hot spring






Today, Bath is still known for its roman baths with hot springs, old beautiful buildings made of limestones and stunning scenery. However, there’s so much more to this amazing city: The Georgian architecture and scenery aside, this city has everything – museums, theatres, cathedral, universities, sporting venues, shopping opportunities, nice restaurants and cafes not to forget a lot of history and culture.
If you, like me, are into history and culture on your travels, you’ll adore Bath. Even if you’re not, this city will steal your heart with its beautiful architecture and scenery. I cannot stress enough how worth your time this city truly is. I believe we spent one day there, however, I could easily have spent several days exploring the city as well as the area around Bath. Next time, I’ll bring a car so we can discover more of this lovely area!

xo P!

Bath CathedralBath city

20 thoughts on “Wonderlost Wednesday: Bath

  1. Fantastic! I’ve stood pretty much where those photos are, too. We lived not far from it last year. Spent a lot of time there.

    I agree with everything you write. The only thing bad: the traffic. You don’t want to have to drive around! Good thing is the city’s so compact you can walk most of it.

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  2. Oh my goodness. The last sentence: “I believe we spent one day there, however, I could easily have spent several days exploring the city as well as the area around Bath.” This is my biggest annoyance with traveling. Honestly. I love visiting new places and I want to explore them all, but a single day is hardly enough to enjoy the city and all it has to offer, much less the culture of it, don’t you think? If only time could stop while traveling… *sigh*

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  3. Wish I’d know you were in Bath because we live only 8 miles away in Bradford on avon – or at least we are here for the next 4 weeks before we move up to Abegele in North Wales, only about 12 miles from Conway, which I saw you’d visited.
    We did do Airbnb until 2 weeks ago but of course with packing have close down until after we move.
    Love the review of Bath X


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