Travel Tip: Get lost

It’s, of course, important to plan and organise a trip in order to know what exactly there is to explore and experience, when to do so and if there are certain areas to definitely explore or avoid. However, when all the touristee things are explored, I find it extremely important to just get lost. …Get lost in the streets. …Walk around, meet people, eat at random cafes and/or restaurant. Simply, get involved in the culture and its people.

Get lost

…It’s nice to have a map, however, it’s also nice to make time to get lost too. …Forget about the map for a time and just allow yourself to wander around. You end up experiencing such amazing places and meet interesting people along the way.
Some of my personal all time best abroad adventures has started with me just wandering around different nabourhoods, exploring. Talking to strangers asking where and what to explore. I’ve met interesting people and even, as a result, been on a few innocent dates with local guys. For me, it’s truly the best way to acquire insight into the current culture of a country, maybe even learn a bit of the country’s history from a local with ancestors in the country. …You can always do the touristee stuff – maybe just set aside one day to getting lost…

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10 thoughts on “Travel Tip: Get lost

  1. Excellent tip! I plan to come to Europe next summer with “getting lost” as a primary objective! In my first trip to Europe long ago, this was easy, as I’d just hitchhike with backpack down any roads that diverted me toward smaller and lesser known towns. I hope I can still do that!

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  2. Love your idea…we are moving to Yuma Arizona, we are somewhat familiar with the lay out, but not what the different sections have to offer….so I will plan on getting lost a few times….love the idea….gald you’ve landed and are out exploring….kat

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  3. It always worked for me back in the dim and distant days of my youth. I did pass an occasional night in rather miserable circumstance, but I could usually find some friendly soul to direct me back to my lodging.

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  4. YES! I have found that I have acquired the perfect balance for this! On one hand, I am an excessive planner and like to know everything beforehand. On the other hand, I leave myself enough room to just stroll and explore.

    I managed to acquire this balance by starting to get lost in my own backyard. Granted, I live in New York and my backyard is MASSIVE. But the idea is, by strolling streets and corners you’ve never been to, while still having that familiarity of the area will make you more comfortable with doing the same in countries you have never been to!

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  5. I really need to start doing this, reignite my wanderlust spirit.

    Although sometimes I would love to just get totally lost, no technology, no communication with the outside world and just resurface wherever the world takes me

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