Taking Responsibility: Helping planet Earth

Global warming

No-one can no longer deny the fact of global warming. It’s a serious and important issue to consider – not just for politicians around the world and people as well as companies in power, however, also for us, normal people. As such, I find it extremely important to highlight this issue and stress some of the small things that people can do without changing your entire lifestyle – step-by-step changes, so to speak. I’ve made certain adjustments in my lifestyle as I’ve become increasingly aware of ways to improve my responsibility towards the environment:

  1. Sort trash
  2. Recycle
  3. Cut back on water consumption
  4. Cut back on electricity consumption and use LED light bulbs
  5. Use public transportation
  6. Eat organic – as much as possible
  7. Decrease meat consumption
  8. Decrease clothes consumption

These are the things I consider on a daily basis. Of course, there’s always more that can be done! And I’m fully aware that I can do a lot more than what I’m currently doing – but I’m working on it, and that’s my point exactly: Step-by-step changes! For example, I’m really bad at taking a shower under 15 minutes. So instead of forcing myself to start my day on a bad note, I no longer shower every day, however, every second day. That way, I feel as if I’m compromising with myself. Moreover, regarding eating organic, I would like to switch completely to organic food and clothes in the long run. For now, though, considering my salary, I focus on buying as much organic food as possible within my budget. The organic clothes will eventually be part of my lifestyle – until then, I’ll cut back on my clothes consumption instead. Again, step-by-step changes that doesn’t affect my lifestyle too much but compromises it. Eventually, all these little steps will lead to big changes, I believe.

What do you think? And what do you do to take care of the environment and live up to your responsibility towards the Earth? Please, do enlighten me – I bet there are many things I can learn from you.

xo P!


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13 thoughts on “Taking Responsibility: Helping planet Earth

  1. One day I was taking lunch in the park, and I saw this elderly lady with a stroller (for her dogs, lol), but I thought it was sweet that she also picked up the litter and put it in separate compartment.

    I also try to carry re-usable bags for shopping and do not buy body products with microbeads. 🙂

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  2. I sort trash and re-use as much as I can, I’ve learnt to cut back on water and electricity wherever/whenever I can. I do not use public transport that often, because I get sick in busses, but I take the train every now and then.

    Between friends we try to carpool as much as we can. When I’m walking in nature I tend to pick up some trash when I see it, it sometimes breaks my heart so see trash in nature. It’s not difficult for people to take a bag with them and the trash in it.

    I hardly eat any meat too. There are probably more things I do, things that are not only beneficial for nature, but also for the finances!

    My goal for this year is also to ride my bike more often for smaller trips.

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  3. I’ll agree with most of your list and add solar panels – I have nine on my roof and it generates about 33% of our electricity. My only negative on your list is eat less meat . . . living in Oz it is our duty to eat meat :-o)
    Cows, sheep, kangaroos, pigs, crocodiles, (and I would be surprised if horse was on the list) as yet I have not tired camel meat. We have thousands that are wild, been here for about 150 years.

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      • Had a quick look at Cowspricy because I’d never heard it – I see that it has influenced a lot of young people, so my defence is my age, at 71 I doubt that I’ll give up meat :-o)

        Now when I was younger I was big in to saving water – shower with a friend was my motto when out East . . .
        having recently been on a cruise the wet down, soap on and wash off was the only way due to the size of the shower area, never realised that I was being PC . . . .

        Love your blog!

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  4. I guess quite a few of us forget the mantra reduce, reuse, recycle.
    Even better than organic clothing, and I like you can not afford to buy organic most of the time, is to reuse, so hit the charity shops, get own Pinterest and see how you can alter things to fit, or use for other things.
    I’m saving all my souvenir T Shirts to make a quilt so I can snuggle with my memories and it’ll inspire me to write at the same time.
    I’m also trying to downsize, imagine I’m backpacking, how much do I REALLY need.
    My ‘sacrifice’ (hardly!) is to not buy new clothes for my trips to the races and weddings, but to just juggle shoes and bags to reinvigorate those outfits I have.
    Thank you for the reminder, I’m off to finish my hand knitted sweater made with leftover yarn. It may not venture out with me much but it sure as heck will be a snuggler for the book corner!

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