An Ode to Winter: The ten best things about winter

Winter… There’s something truly magical about this season. I think it has to do with the snow? For some reason, I get hypnotized by the beauty of this specific winter wonderland feeling – often linked to Christmas. Of course, I’m from Denmark where it really snows a lot at times and you occasionally get a day or two off school or work when there’s too much snow for the state to handle. But walking outside in the snow, taking in the fresh air and clearing my mind is something I really enjoy during this specific season. …And is there anything better than cuddling up in front of the Television with a cup of tea or hot chocolate or the occasional glass of wine? I don’t think so…

Snowie landscape

There are many things to appreciate about this season. My favourite ones are the following ten:

  1. As a Game of Thrones fan, I get a thrill out of just saying ”winter is coming”… (I know…)
  2. Comfy clothes
  3. Winter fashion – especially scarfs
  4. Spending time indoors without feeling guilty for doing so
  5. Tea/ hot chocolate and/or a glass of cold white wine
  6. Snow(!)
  7. Making snow men, snow angels and sledding
  8. Snow-free days off school or work
  9. No humidity
  10. Soup!

What are your favourite things about winter?

xo P!


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19 thoughts on “An Ode to Winter: The ten best things about winter

  1. I’m not really into Christmas but I am a bit of a snow romantic I must say! Dull landscapes are suddenly the most beautiful thing, the mist that occasionally accompanies the snow fills your view with a touch of mystery where you want to get lost in. Colours stand out against the white backdrop, seeing the steps you take in the snow, slowly vanishing with every passing snowflake, … ooh I wish it would snow more 😀

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  2. Hi, I like your ten favourite things about winter, as you requested, I would like to share mine:

    1) Fresh crunching snow beneath your feet
    2) Dramatic scenery, especially in woods
    3) Snowball games
    4) Winter sports and activities
    5) Watching my girls lie down in snow and move their legs and arms
    6) Snow days off work
    7) The deceptive warm beauty, until you open the front door!
    8) Ice skating on a lake
    9) Lying back and watch snowflakes fall
    10) Being cozy and sitting in front of a log fire (that I do not have!)

    Enjoy your winter…

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  3. Bahaha! I totally just used ‘Winter is Coming’ at work when decorating the board and I’m waiting to see if there are any GOT fans here who get it. :p *is such a geek*

    I love ALL of these reasons, which is why winter is my second favorite season. ^.^ The snow is so pretty and you can play in it if you want or just chill inside and marvel at its beauty. And I am DEFINITELY happy about no humidity! I second this notion!

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  4. Though we experience winter here in Kuwait, unfortunately, there’s no snow! 😦 I haven’t seen snow and I’m really looking forward seeing and experiencing it! I wanna build a snowman, try sleigh ride and throw snowballs at people! :p Anyway, my favorite thing about winter? Soups, hot chocolate and more hugs! 🙂

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  5. I love the crisp clear blue days and yes soup! I love the odd netflix marathon while wrapped up in a blanket my nana crocheted while supping on tea and making my way through a packet of chocolate biscuits!

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  6. As a long time hater of winter (the old me), I appreciate this post. After moving to the country last January, I have come to appreciate this season. Love your list and I agree with all of them. Winter is wonderful in its own ways. 🙂

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