Travelers: The best job candidates

…Yes, you travel in order to enjoy yourself by exploring foreign cultures …with everything that entails. However, in the process, you learn – it’s an education, really. You learn about the foreign culture itself, you learn about yourself as well as about other (foreign) people and ways of living. Moreover, you learn about your own culture – in general, you simply acquire perspective. As a result I argue that traveling builds character, which is why I believe travelers make good job candidates.


With a constant need for adventure in foreign cultures, travelers are obviously good communicators that do not set themselves limitations – on the contrary. As such, we have a lot to offer a work place – even if we have gaps in our resumes filled by traveling or periods of saving for traveling:

  1. We live to explore and acquire knowledge
  2. We like to try new things
  3. We take risks
  4. We know how to adapt to change
  5. We’re cultural thinkers with a open mind
  6. We think opposite in order to deal with foreign situations on out travels
  7. We’re willing to learn and welcome construct criticism in order to better ourselves and our skills
  8. We’re quick to make decisions
  9. We’re good at problem solving
  10. We’re dreamers who turn negative experiences into positive ones because, in our experience, we’ve found that there’s always a silver lining

As a traveler, which skills would you highlight as important skills learned during travels?

xo P!

18 thoughts on “Travelers: The best job candidates

  1. The simple fact that there’s more to life than whatever you are doing at any given moment. There’s always the bigger picture. I feel happiest while traveling and in a way I’ve learnt to get rid of any negativity surrounding me. It takes courage to make some decisions, but it’s my way to inner peace. Traveling learns you to see things from different perspectives and you acquire more empathy towards people in general.

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  2. My wife studied in China in college, and she always likes to say that experience got her every job she’s ever had! I love your list, and I really think everything on it is true! Safe travels and best wishes! Susan

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  3. Excellent thoughts. I learned more traveling than I ever did at university. However, I don’t think I’ll ever master “making decisions quickly”. Do you live in Amsterdam (my favorite city in the world, plus my ancestors were Dutch…you can tell by my goatee on my gravatar)?


  4. Reblogged this on Kavita takes Tokyo and commented:
    After 5 months of living in Japan, I can completely agree with this! Travelling changes you so much, if you ever get the chance to travel for an extended amount of time: SAY YES!

    PS. Sometimes I feel as though people mix up ‘going on a holiday’ with ‘travelling’. Sipping on beer while spending a week on a resort scrolling through instagram isn’t considered to be travelling…

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    • This is so true! I know so many people who connect traveling with spending money to find their own kind of relaxation, Which is fine, if that’s what makes them happy. But I find traveling, like it’s said her, so much more educational and horizont-opening than just the average “hanging around” holiday. Though you definitely put it into better words.

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  5. Finding your list is actually what I needed. Getting lost in my master’s thesis and not knowing how to pursue my goal of traveling as much as possible once I work full-time can be really upsetting. Keeping in mind the educational benefits of traveling might actually help me get a job that supports this lifestyle. Not to sit around in fancy coffee-places to enjoy hipster drinks and feel oh-so-cool, but to remain the person I am and to make the most out of life.

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