Travel Tattoos: Inking memories

Today, it has become normal for people to have a tattoo. It’s no longer possible to pin point certain types of people that are likely to have tattoos, as people with tattoos no longer belongs to certain social groups: No all types of people today have tattoos. As a result, new trends within the tattoo industry shows up every day. For the last couple of years, travel tattoos has become a noteworthy trend – one that I, myself, have influenced by.

Travel tattoo

Everybody who gets a tattoo gets it for a reason. The reasons are as many as there are people with tattoos. However, a tattoo marks a story. This story may be connected to home or travels themselves however, one thing is certain: It mirrors a personal development.
This permanent mark on the body functions as reminder or mark on what a person has been through and what s/he learned as a result – it reveals personality. In this sense, it’s always interesting to hear stories behind tattoos, as people can really surprise you – you learn from them. All experienced made – even if it is made by others – are experiences gained…

Personally, I have four travel tattoos. All of which I treasure. They mark my four abroad relocations and serve as reminders – or marks, really – for an old version of me. Each tattoo reflects a personal growth and development. Be this in relation to following my dreams and passions or letting go, they function as reminders… In this relation, my most treasured tattoo is a swallow on my left lower arm. The symbolism in it is clear… To me, this tattoo marks a change in my life, a choice I made. A choice from which I grew. A choice that made my life a lot easier but also, at times, a lot more difficult.

Bird tattoo

Do you have any travel tattoos? Or tattoos in general? Why did you get it, if I may ask? And what does it mean to you?

xo P!


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16 thoughts on “Travel Tattoos: Inking memories

  1. I don’t have any tattoos but I do like the idea of travel tattoos. I have seen pictures of ones with the world map – those are my favourites. But I wouldn’t get a tattoo because I think I’d be sure to get bored of it sooner or later and regret having it done. I love the symbolism of your tattoos ❤

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  2. I agree; tattoos should (and usually do) represent a chapter in your life or a pivotal story. I’ve been really considering getting a tattoo of a bicycle wheel; to represent how pressure and tension keeps me balanced. And possibly combining it with a compass to represent travel? Still not sure. 🙂 Love your sparrow though!

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  3. I don’t have one yet, but I’m planning to have one while I’m in New Zealand. A tattoo that represents myself and what I believe in, but also a memory of my travels there, so what better than to do it there? 🙂 Also this tattoo getting is part of “let’s do something I would never have done before I’m 30” 😀

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  4. Last week I read that the fastest growing area in medical cosmetics, currently in Australia, is the removal of tattoos.
    I am not being judgmental, just thought I’d mention the ‘new’ trend – my daughter had a tattoo when she was in her late teens and had it removed in her early twenties – got to keep the medicos in holiday homes . . . .:-o)

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  5. I have many tattoos, none from specific travel experiences but all from life experiences. I was 35 years old when I got my first tattoo and as expected, they become a passion and love for me. I love being tattooed (except around my spine 🙂 ). My first tattoo was representative of my life changing for the greatest good and thus the continued additions to my body represent where I’m at in my life at that time….all of them being at some sort if peace and serenity or representing my lovely daughter. Lovely blog post!

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  6. I love this post and reading people’s stories! I always want to get a tattoo when I’m traveling, but chicken-out at the last minute. When I was in Berlin, I wanted to get a tattoo of a fox. I had been dreaming about foxes a lot at the time, and found thinking about them unusually calming, especially if i was feeling anxious. Sort of like a spirit animal? Then while walking down a random street in Berlin, I fox crossed my path and just stopped in its tracks- I took it as a sign. Kind of regret not getting it now!

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  7. I’m from an older generation and don’t quite see tattoos as younger folks do. I do not dislike them, just don’t want one on me. But the real reason is that I change my mind too easily, too often. Today I might like that bald eagle eating a tarantula on my arm. Tomorrow, no…and then what?

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  8. I have a total of four tattoos all on my left arm, my first tattoo however was of a compass, indicating for me two meanings, the truth of the Lord is my compass that will always guide me back north, but for also knowing my direction in life and being reminded that each day either epic or not is an adventure!

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