Grown-ups: When you know you are one

The horror… Becoming a grown-up. I always feared to become one… I still do – because I don’t think I’m quite there yet. Honestly, I hope I’ll never truly become one. Like Peter Pan, I never saw the point of it. Sure, there are responsibilities linked to growing up and living on your own etc., responsibilities that I like (most of them anyway). But then the weird thing happens, you start to wonder, which leads to you finding out that you kind of are a grown-up already (…ish).

Being a grown-up

You know you’re a grow-up when:

  1. You moved out from your parents’ house and live by yourself, paying rent
  1. You have a monthly budget
  1. You pay your bills on time
  1. You find peace and calmness in somewhat planning and structuring your life
  1. You appreciate the relationship between mother-father and child
  1. You no longer fight with your sibling(s) because you’ve come to appreciate the friendship that has developed
  1. You can actually handle liquor, and an evening out with friends no longer ends in major hangovers (or black outs)
  1. However, you’ve also found that a weekend in shouldn’t be underestimated
  1. You no longer care for fitting in because you’ve found it’s more fun not to
  1. Potential life partners are no longer evaluated by appearance but by personal traits, which let’s face it simply is much more important

When did you know, you were a grown-up (ish)?

xo P!



16 thoughts on “Grown-ups: When you know you are one

  1. I was just thinking about this. I knew that I was a grown up when I started thinking about money matters in a more detailed manner. Figuring out how to pay for your education and not tell your dad do it, is not as great as it sounds. 😛 But then you realize, how much you have accomplished and that you can handle it. 🙂

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  2. Growing up is a ‘natural evolution’ of life, but it doesn’t mean you change your character. It’s mostly something associated with age, but by growing up you become wiser and I like that. I still like to sit with popcorn in front of the tv when watching a movie, I still have fun with my friends, I still sing the lungs out of my body when a good songs comes on the radio, etc. And I still travel! 🙂

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