Wanderlust: What it means to me

Although the term of wanderlust has a clear definition, I think all travelers add something personal to this definition: Their source of wanderlust. Because even though it is a term, wanderlust in the end is a feeling. I believe that some of us are born with this feeling, while others develop it as they grow. …I was born with it.

To me, this feeling is all about discovering new ways of living and behaving through travels. By learning new ways, you can namely better your way of living: Adding foreign values and norms to your life, adds insight into your current way of living. As such, I take bits and pieces of foreign cultures and their ways of living and adapt them to my own life. In doing so, I’m gradually finding the way of living that makes me happy and rounds me as a person. Acquiring insight and understanding, therefore, makes a world of difference to me as a person.


In the end, traveling quite simply fuels me. I believe this is why travelers in general can’t get enough – more wants more. Something in me wants to go – go explore everything I can. Good and bad. You learn from all. I more and more feel that hunger for it, and in periods where it’s not part of my daily life, I am effected emotionally by the lack of it. …There’s a world of adventures out there waiting. If I, therefore, don’t go explore and discover, I feel as if I’m missing out on life. …I want to experience and explore as much as possible in my life. Moreover, I want to share my adventures with friends and strangers with a similar mindset – I want to learn from them. Ultimately, I never want to settle or be limited to one place only. No, as they say: The world is my oyster. So…when I say that I have wanderlust, it means that I have to travel to explore and discover in order to acquire knowledge of and understanding for the world. I will never be content or truly happy if I don’t – this I know for sure! I will continue to travel and settle in different cultures because it simply is in my nature to do so. I soak up as much of this magical world as possible on my adventures so when people ask, ”what’s it like?” I can reply, ”let me tell you…”

xo P!



6 thoughts on “Wanderlust: What it means to me

  1. I couldn’t agree more, travel is vital and so is experiencing different cultures. We have been lucky enough to travel all over the world with our children. They have been to school in the UK, France, the USA and New Zealand. They have visited Asia and the Caribbean as well and many countries in Europe. As a result they are well rounded children, they understand different people. Although we now have a permanent base in France, where I write my blog, travel will always feature in our lives.

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  2. I agree with you in everything you said here! For me wanderlust is the feeling when I want to get lost somewhere else. I just can’t stay in this familiar place for too long but rather would experience new things, foreigner people, unknown cities.

    Your blog seems interesting so I am going to follow 🙂

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  3. You are definitely listening to the song of your soul ! Thank you for sharing . When I was forteen I lived in a Malay Kampong in Singapore . That experience opened my eyes to colour ,dance , spiritual beliefs and the amazing food of the Chineses , Malay and Indian cultures . The experience enriched my soul . Pauline

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