Travel Tip: Day tours

Whenever I move to a foreign city for a longer period of time, I make sure to get to know the country and culture by exploring it – like any traveler would. One of the ways in which I do this is by going on day tours. These can be arranged by professionels with a guide or by myself. Key is to explore the culture.

Day tours

Of course, there are trains, however, they can be a bit expensinve. Alternatively, there are also many bus companies that drive to certain destinations very cheaply. I’m a big fan of these! A day tour can quickly turn into a weekend tour with enough time to explore the, for me, most noteable places. For me, these day tours offer a cheap way in which to get around the country in which I’m living.

Do you have experiences with day tours/weekend tours? Any great tips I need to know about?

xo P!

3 thoughts on “Travel Tip: Day tours

  1. I had a great week on the island of Texel a few years ago (maybe 2 hours from Amsterdam). All flat and lots of places to hire a bike.
    I have found wherever I go in the World that the side streets are the most interesting and have the best cafes/restaurants where the locals eat so there are always interesting local people to talk to.

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  2. I find exploring on your own, after some research, brings excellent results as you are able to connect with more people than those just on the tour and come away with some rich treasured moments.

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