Having a bad day: 15 things that will get you through the day

To say the least, August has been a hectic and chaotic period for me this year. It all started in late July when I along with 14 colleagues were let go from my job due to cut backs. Living in a foreign city not speaking the language fluently made me slightly panic for an hour or two until I remembered that there are lots of opportunities in Amsterdam for an ambitious lady such as myself.

Bad day

I was lucky as I was given two months notice, however, was able to find a job within one month. Although only having been job hunting for a month, it hasn’t been without frustration and doubt: Doubt in myself, my abilities and competencies along with questioning if I should stay in Amsterdam. As you know, I am quite keen on moving around and settle in different foreign cities for a period of time, however, I simply am not done with Amsterdam yet. Amsterdam is just such a lovely city! Therefore, I quickly decided to stay. Figuring out my next move and determining what direction I would like to go from here have proved rather frustrating but now I have a clear idea of where I want to go. Although I am sad to leave my current job and the wonderful team, I am thrilled at an opportunity to do something more me. Yesterday was the day when I signed a new contract with an amazing company in the heart of Amsterdam. I am so incredibly excited to start this new adventure and chapter of my life as a Recruitment Coordinator. I truly believe that this is the start of something wonderful and amazing!

In my darkest hours of frustration and insecurity though, I came up with a little list to keep myself positive and optimistic that might help you in your dark hours too. Sharing is caring so here it is:

  1. We all have them, the bad days
  2. However, instead of dwelling on the negative, it’s important to see the positive in them
  3. Truth is, they make you appreciate the good times so much more
  4. And you grow stronger and more resilient because of them
  5. If you need it, though, allow yourself to have some time being frustrated, angry and sad
  6. What you’re feeling today, at this moment, does not define you as a person. It’s how you deal with it in the longer run that does
  7. Tomorrow is a fresh start and you can make new opportunities rise
  8. Asking for help and assistance does not make you weak. On the contrary, it shows that you are aware of and willing to change things in your life because you know they are not optimal for you
  9. There is so much love around you. All you need is to pick up the phone and call the people that guarantee a smile on your lips
  10. Everyone doubts themselves and their abilities at times
  11. Comparing yourself to others will cause nothing but sadness. They are not you and they don’t want the same things in life – therefore, it’s silly to compare in the first place
  12. Be true to yourself and determine what you want and need in life to make you happy – then go for it!
  13. Taking babe steps is better than taking no steps at all – it’s a process
  14. Remember, the best is yet to come!
  15. We live in a world where music, chocolate and Disney exist

What keeps you positive and optimistic on a bad day? Please, do share!

xo P!



12 thoughts on “Having a bad day: 15 things that will get you through the day

  1. Absolutely great article! I can totally relate! 🙂 Sometimes it’s hard living in another country and it can feel downright isolating when things don’t go right ( i.e. getting laid off and you aren’t sure about your visa, next steps). I could really identify. Thanks for the honesty. And I always loved that quote: I’m having a bad day, not a bad life.. 🙂

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  2. Absolutely! When I’m on the bike and its raining and cold I just say to myself “there is no light without dark”, and so often when the good happens again it is far more appreciated for having been punctuated by the difficult. It’s also about expanding your edge again after getting perhaps complacent. Just re-blogged my piece about that which starts:- Where is your edge? How far do you go? What happens if you lose your edge? There are the edges which define an entity and there are the edges that give an advantage. The edge of skill and the edge of experience, the edge of life and the edge of self, these are closely woven together. (excuse the bit about motorcyclists but it was written for Moto magazine).

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  3. mother of Man have tough life & she have 2 rule what get her through bad day. rule 1 = everything is temporary. everything. rule 2 = if you have to compare yourself to someone compare yourself to someone who has it worse off than you. 2 rule make sense to monkey.


  4. Really nice post. Although it’s not related to the whole concept of travel, I felt so happy and warm inside on reading the 15 quotes…bad days come frequently across my way and most days I just want to shuffle off into a dark corner and cry. But I don’t. For me, I would say a good book, dark chocolate/crisps and a heart-to-heart with friends or family especially on a rainy or windy day is the best. And green tea. Lots of green tea. Thank you!

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