An Ode to Winter: The ten best things about winter

Winter… There’s something truly magical about this season. I think it has to do with the snow? For some reason, I get hypnotized by the beauty of this specific winter wonderland feeling – often linked to Christmas. Of course, I’m from Denmark where it really snows a lot at times and you occasionally get a day or two off school or work when there’s too much snow for the state to handle. But walking outside in the snow, taking in the fresh air and clearing my mind is something I really enjoy during this specific season. …And is there anything better than cuddling up in front of the Television with a cup of tea or hot chocolate or the occasional glass of wine? I don’t think so…

Snowie landscape

There are many things to appreciate about this season. My favourite ones are the following ten:

  1. As a Game of Thrones fan, I get a thrill out of just saying ”winter is coming”… (I know…)
  2. Comfy clothes
  3. Winter fashion – especially scarfs
  4. Spending time indoors without feeling guilty for doing so
  5. Tea/ hot chocolate and/or a glass of cold white wine
  6. Snow(!)
  7. Making snow men, snow angels and sledding
  8. Snow-free days off school or work
  9. No humidity
  10. Soup!

What are your favourite things about winter?

xo P!


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Street Art: Why it’s culturally enlightening

…Yes, I quite enjoy street art. However, let me just stress that it’s street art and not graffiti I’m talking about …because there is a difference! While both are created in public places and no doubt represent powerful forms of art used to convey specific messages, I argue that there is a lot more thought behind street art than graffiti. Because, generally speaking, while graffiti involves instant writings and/or drawings with spray paint on location, street art involves beforehand made products brought to a location for set-up – be it produced with spray paint, stencils, wheat-pasted, stickers, installations or sculptures etc. As a result, I argue that street at represents well-thought messages.






Although street art is often associated with vandalism maybe even gangs or misfits of society, it represents messages often related to societal, political, environmental etc. issues in a culture. As such, it represents culture through writings and drawings with bold statements, metaphors and images – all to convey important messages of street artists. These messages may not always be understood by the audience, nevertheless, there is a message behind the art – and that’s exactly what fascinates me! Therefore, when I’m out and about – especially in foreign countries – I like to explore this part of a culture as well. Not only is street art telling of a society’s culture, there are lessons to learn about a society’s culture from street art.

Banksy - Global WarmingBanksy - Isreal

A particular street artist whose work I follow is Banksy from England. His work is characterised by satire and dark humour and is rooted in societal, political and environmental issues. Moreover, he doesn’t just focus on national issues in England and the UK. No, he travels around the world and creates street art abroad in order to illuminate foreign affairs and issues as well. His latests work is Dismaland in England – a temporary project, unfortunately now closed, which received quite the headlines in news papers around the world. He, namely, indirectly – yet very directly – commented on certain societal and political issues through various means of methods such as installations and sculptures.

Dismaland 1Dismaland 2




In this sense, needless to say that I find it extremely important for people to be involved in their society – and not just their national, however, also international society. I’m not only talking politics, I’m talking culture (among others defined as a society’s norms, beliefs and behaviour). For so many reasons (globalisation and mass consumption being the main ones), I find it important to participate in the development of our world. No one can deny how interrelated the countries of the world increasingly are. Hence, as world citizens, I believe it’s our duty to somehow make a contribution and take responsibility for our own (and our nation’s) actions – to better the world. Ironically, this is exactly why I find street art amazing: It enlightens certain cultural issues to respond to. And whether you approve of street art or not approve, there is no doubt that talented and gifted street artists have the power to illuminate important cultural issues in society. Don’t you agree? Or what do you think of street art?

xo P!


Pictures of Dismaland, the Israeli Wall 
 and Global Warming
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That Time a Year: Fall

It’s that time a year again. I adore this time a year. Fall… Recreation of life. Right before winter. Right before Christmas. And this year, right before my new life in Amsterdam begins. It’s just perfect! My favourite seasons are spring and fall because in spring, life comes back to nature and everything is in bloom. However, in fall, it’s the recreation of nature. It’s the perfect balance. Life circle, if you will.

Fall is a second spring when every leaf is a flower
– Albert Camus

Within a week, most of the leaves from the trees where I live has either changed colours drastically or fallen of. It’s beautiful… The leaves changing colours from green to yellow to orange and to red before falling of – magical!

Scenery - Pernnille Oberg

This year, I’m at my parent’s house for a couple of months. They live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. I love it here – the scenery alone… They almost have no neighbours and are surrounded by pure nature. I absolutely love talking a walk and in the cool air (and less humidity), it’s quite refreshing and such a good way for me to clear my head. Some days it, of course, rains. However, as a pluviophile, I quite enjoy the rain – and if any season, fall is the time for it! Taking a walk and enjoying the smell of rain and the freshness it leaves behind is wonderful. At other times, though, it’s just a good excuse for some indoor time – an entire Sunday under the bed covers watching Netflix for example… Yes, please! And then ”hygge” with a cup of hot cocoa to the patter of rain of the rooftop or windowpane – it’s just so calming. However, most importantly about fall, though: It’s Christmas soon!

xo P!