Attending Concerts: It’s all about that musical epiphany

…It’s all about that musical epiphany…

To me, music is a life passion. As I’ve touched upon in previous posts, I cannot go a day without listening to music. I need it to de-stress and switch off. I wish I could sing well or play an instrument (I would love to play the guitar or piano), however, that’s not the case. For now, anyway. I’m certain, I’ll learn eventually. Until then, I’ll have to do with recordings and attending concerts of gifted artists, which is quite the adventure.

Music notes

Although a rather expensive passion, attending concerts is something I highly value for several reasons. Of course, you can always enjoy music by listening to recordings. However, attending concerts is not only about seeing my favourite artists and listening to their music – no, it’s also about feeling the energy from these artists as well as fellow fans. …Being part of the fan community raises my spirit every time and gives me a boost and an experience that lasts a life time. Not to forget: It’s the perfect way to switch off for a moment and forget about every day troubles – just relax and have fun with friends and fellow fans. …Simply, immerse in the music.

By now, I’ve attended various concerts – both concerts of famous and non-famous musicians. As a result, some concerts are more memorable than others. They are more memorable for various reasons. For example, respectively Coldplay and Ed Sheeran concerts I remember specifically because they were dreams come true. Their music has had and continue to have an important part of my life. Hence, seeing these artists live, listening to their music, feeling everything and nothing at the same time in the company of good friends and fellow fans is something I will never forget. These concerts, simply, had an emotional impact on me – an emotional impact that continues and one that I truly treasure. However, I don’t only attend concerts of my idols… I like to attend all sorts of concerts – whether I’m a fan of the music or not. Sometimes it’s just for the experience itself and can be at arenas, concert halls or pubs. This was also evident when I attended respectively Snow Patrol’s and One Republic’s concerts. I didn’t know their music too well. As such, apart for a couple of hits, What I expected before going was to discover new music. However, these two concerts turned out to be so much more than just that. They, namely, turned out to be musical epiphanies to me. And that’s what it’s all about when attending concerts. At least to me. That musical epiphany. That moment when you fall in love with music all over again because you discover a truth in life through music – a connection. That moment exactly. It’s priceless. …Even though you can do that through recordings as well, it’s just not the same. At concerts, not only do the musicians open up, the audience opens up too. For an hour or two, this ”concert community” is a safe haven amongst fellow fans with open minds and hearts.

Throughout the last couples of years, I’ve attended lots of concerts and festivals in Denmark and abroad. As a result, I’ve among others experienced Dúné; Mads Langer; Coldplay; Florence and the Machine; James Morrison; Rihanna; Rizzle Kicks; Snow Patrol; Westlife; Christina Perri; Ed Sheeran; Elton John; Kaney West; Kings of Leon; Lady Gaga; One Republic; Passenger; Pharrell Williams; and many more. For 2016 in Amsterdam, I hope to join Hozier’s, Ellie Goulding’s, Adele’s, Coldplay’s and Rihanna’s concerts. I have no idea if this is financially possible at all. However, one can always dream and then make sure to chase those dreams, right!?

xo P!


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On Repeat: My 10 favourite musical friends

…Music is my first love. That will never change…
It’s the only thing that you can love without it breaking your heart, and it’s the only thing that will always be there when you’re in need of companion, not really wanting company.

I just love music. I’m in love with it. All of it. Almost… I can’t go one single day without listening to music. It’s my resource of reflection that de-stresses me. Through music, I feel… everything. And nothing. …I get in contact with my emotions, and I get out of contact with my emotions. As such, I listen to an awful lot of music.
Like most people, I have my favourite artists – my favourite songs. My favourite artists and songs are by their nature reflective. I like songs that I can learn from – acquire perspective from. In one way or another. Or dance to. I do like to dance too – although I’m not particular good at it. Anyway, songs have come to represent soundtracks for my life – for situations, episodes, relationships and eras in my life. And when it comes to music, there’s nothing better than to discover new artists. It’s like discovering a whole new world. …And to gain new musical friends.

In this post, I wish to share ten of my favorite musical friends with you. I’ll restrict myself (although it’s really difficult for me) and only mention three favourite songs of each artist for you to explore – if you wish, of course.

Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran
Little Bird
I’m a Mess

The Beatles
Here Comes the Sun
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Let It Be

Mads Langer         Mads Langer
Drunken Butterfly

Make You Feel
When We Were Young

Christina Perri                   Christina Perri
Jar of Hearts
A Thousand Years

Iwan Rheon
Changing Time
Magic Seeds

Coldplay                    Coldplay
Hurts Like Heaven
Fix You

Taylor Swift
Back to December
Welcome to New York

George Ezra                             Concert
Blame It on Me
Blind Man in Amsterdam

Elvis Presley
Can’t Help Falling in Love
Love Me Tender

That’s it. My favourites of the favourites. I so hope that you’ll take the time to explore some of the artists and their songs. Depending on your musical interests, of course, I guarantee it’s worth it.

Please, feel free to share any musical artist (and favourite song(s)!) Because when it comes to music, there’s nothing better than to discover a new artist.

xo P!

Daydreaming a Life: Always on the move

I consider myself a person always on the move… I’m on the move in various aspects: personal developments, physical developments, emotional developments as well as establishing new friends and business relationships. However, also geographically: I move around from foreign country to foreign country and settle there for a period of time with the goal of gaining cultural understanding and perspective. I love it! For me, life is all about constantly moving – in one way or another. Develop as a person! I have to develop in order to feel like I’m living – if I don’t, I feel like I’m waisting my life… And I don’t want to waste my life! As such, when it comes to my geographical relocations, people often ask me how I decide on where to live – what country and city. Truth is, I follow my intuition and so far it’s been a rather good experience to say the least. I have a pretty good gut feeling, which some people can’t relate to. However, I’ve always followed my intuition – in all aspects of life. It has never failed me. So when it, time after time, tells me that my next abroad relocation ought to be a certain city, I’m listening… My intuition told me, when I was very young, that I should become a traveler. Moreover, it guided me towards the right educational programmes and told me to pursue London for my first abroad move, Dublin for my next and Berlin for my third. As a result, I’ve made some of my best decisions with it.

A year ago, listening to music one late evening with a glass of white wine, I found myself imagining my future – my near future. Suddenly, I saw myself in lively Amsterdam’s streets and squares surrounded by old beautiful houses and canals. A sense of happiness came over me and I was sure: That’s where I would relocate once I finished university. Maybe influenced by my latest musical discovery, the music artist, George Ezra, and his song, A Blind Man in Amsterdam, or the wine, however, my intuition told me A’dam was the city for me. This feeling lead to days of wondering and doing research on Amsterdam while getting in touch with people living there – nothing that would change my mind, on the contrary! Gradually, I fell more and more in love with the idea of living there. I was certain: Amsterdam is was. It felt like an epiphany, and I could now start to plan my life after university.

Listening to music

In my mind – my imagination, I made up an entire life there with my first job, new friends and a flat shared with great roommates, and I couldn’t wait. Exploring the city, scrolling through its streets and squares, visiting the Royal Palace and the infamous Red Light District, taking a boat tour on one of the many canals, exploring the ’I Amsterdam’ sign and landmark not to forget the Anne Frank House as well as Van Gogh Museum, doing city tours and hearing about Amsterdam’s history and culture as well as explore the famous Dutch mills and tulip fields… The list goes on… However, also things as simple as taking a walk in one of the many beautiful parks there, buying flowers for my room at flower markets, finding new friends (and love), going to concerts and comedy gigs, visiting a cafe or taking a bus or metro ride while listening to Dutch people talk, not understanding a word, however, eager to learn the language – getting lost in the language: Miscommunicate, laugh, explore, understand, learn, try speaking Dutch. All these great things that life throws at you – that is life.
… Even though this, of course, is all in my imagination, it feels real in the sense that it could be. At the same time, based on outcomes from previous abroad relocations and the grounds on which they were decided, I have no reasons not to trust my intuition because they have turned out wonderful. As a result, the decision was easy: Listen to my gut feeling and relocate to Amsterdam. At the time, I, of course, was to finish my six months internship in Dublin and another six months thesis writing in Berlin first, which I was extremely excited about as well – all the adventures! However, the thought of Amsterdam in Holland being my first permanent abroad relocation felt so right – and it still does now only three months ahead!

Since my epiphany a little over a year ago, I’ve been planning this relocation and a lot of interesting things have happened throughout the last year concerning my plans – one thing in particular: A little over a half a year after my decision was made, I was talking to a dear friend from back home where I grew up. We discussed living abroad and for some reason, we decided we would move to Amsterdam together once we finished university. She had visited Amsterdam in her teens and had been keen to move there ever since. As a result, it seemed like a good idea. After all, we’ve been close friends for almost a decade now. So… This became the plan that we would move towards the following months. It’s just amazing when imagination becomes reality.
However, upon my arrival back in Denmark in June this year, unfortunately, my bank caused me a minor set-back in my plans. I couldn’t afford moving there right away so I had to take a loan, which my bank wasn’t keen on. As a result, due to six months of intense saving up money for my relocation, I won’t move to Amsterdam until January. I’m not too bumped out about this, as I will get there eventually. Being positive, I see this set-back as extra time to plan all the practical matters in connection to the relocation. My friend, however, moved there four months ago. When I’ll relocate there too, we’ll share a flat together with another girl. As for now, I’m impatiently waiting for my big relocation – for my life as a grown-up(-ish) to start, my future. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying time with my family while recharging my travel batteries and undertaking an internship here in Denmark.

xo P!


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That Moment: When you fall in love with music all over again

Just as much as I love traveling, I love music. All kinds and forms of music. The happy, hopeful, fearful, angry, lonely and the sad tunes and tones – especially the sad ones. For every important moment in my life, I have a song. That one song that brings you back to that moment and that feeling in the moment. For me, music is highly powerful. For me, music is even traveling… Because, when performed by a true artist, the passion in music is not only real but also relatable – in some way or another. There is a lesson to be learned in all songs whether or not the tone itself appeals to you as a person. There’s a discovery to be made and an understanding to be acquired. I find that extremely beautiful. Spiritual even. And I envy the talented and gifted artists out there for having such a beautiful skill that cannot only touch people but also help them in various situations by being a shoulder to cry on, an invisible friend to bring forth a smile and feeling of happiness, an encouraging push or just a stable and loyal dance partner.
As most people, I have my favourite artists, however, every once in a while this magic thing happens: You discover a, for you, new artist. An artist so brilliant that you’re not only mesmerised but also blinded by the pure genius behind the tunes and tones. In that moment… In that one moment, you fall in love with music all over again. And you fall hard. This has happened a few times in my life, and the ground I stood on almost shook from my new discovery and the ecstatic feeling that followed. For me, this is one of the cores for pure happiness. The truth you can find in music goes beyond just being a tune and a tone – it’s real… It’s emotions. Displayed in a song. By another human being.

Yesterday, I was blessed with a new discovery.

As a true and loyal Game of Thrones fan that has even written her MA dissertation on Game of Thrones and the tourism that has followed the series from a marketing and consumption perspective, I regularly watch interviews with the cast and crew online. As a result, I yesterday discovered the musical genius in Iwan Rheon (yes indeed, the villainous Ramsay Bolton). There is no doubt about his gifted skills as an actor, however, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Iwan Rheon, the singer and songwriter!
Behind the Welsh accent, this undiscovered star has such an honest and true sound filled with love and passion – and lots of it. With a special and calming voice and a guitar in his hands, this gifted singer-songwriter can touch something so real and truly relatable by being extremely vulnerable. There is no doubt that he’s a big softie at heart. I can’t even begin to explain the power in his songs and the way he performs them. You have to discover him for yourself and you’ll feel it too. Filled with a poetic touch, his tunes and tones are not only stimulating and reflective but real. So real… For five-six hours, I was mesmerised by his sheer talent and vocal tones, so much so that I couldn’t let myself go to sleep before 4 am. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was to put on his music and write this post with it in the background. I just have to share my discovery. I can’t help it.

If you haven’t discovered this utmost talented artist, please, for your own sake, go discover him. In my humble opinion, I promise, it’s worth your time…

May I recommend “Falling”,  “Changing Times”, “Tongue Tied” and “Magic Seeds”.

xo P!











Pictures from some of my most memorable and treasured musical moments:
One Republic, 2014
Christina Perri and band, 2014
Ed Sheeran, 2014
Coldplay, 2012