Wonderlost Wednesday: Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace

I’ve visited a lot of palaces and castles on my travels and seen them from the inside, however, nothing beats Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, England – not even Buckingham Palace. Never having belonged to royalty but aristocracy (including the Spencer-Churchill family), the palace is the only non-royal residens in England to hold the title of ’palace’ – for good reasons! As such, not only does the palace have the majestic feel of a true palace including the building itself as well as the interior, it also has stunning gardens with sculptures, water fountains and lakes along with spectacular history.
If you ever find yourself in the nabourhood, please, do check it out. I promise, it would not have been in vain.

xo P!

Introducing: Wonderlost Wednesday

Starting Wednesday next week, I’ll be doing a weekly Wonderlost Wednesday post. The concept of Wonderlost Wednesday is about posting a photo with a brief description of my previous travels. As such, it will be a flash back to one of my adventures.

Actually, I haven’t traveled much yet. I’ve only been to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Germany. However, because I’ve been living in Denmark, England, Ireland and Germany for longer periods of time, I’ve traveled around the countries. As a result, I’ve seen much of the countries’ attractions and scenery while mingling with locals and acquired an understanding for the cultures. Hence, the idea of Wonderlost Wednesday, which is a result of a previous blog post on my four favourite travel destinations. As such, I wish to share one of my travel memories with you every Wednesday. I hope you’ll like it.

xo P!

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