Wanderlust; A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel
and explore the world (Oxford Dictionaries Online).

Doesn’t that definition of wanderlust just makes you smile? It makes me smile! Maybe because wanderlust explains my condition… It’s the syndrome and traveling is the symptom. Not to bring forth any negative connotation on sickness, of course. Traveling is what puts a smile on my face. It’s something that I’ve chosen to incorporate in my life and made part of my lifestyle. Because for me, it’s a source of pure happiness. It’s that simple…
By traveling and exploring the world and its cultures, I’ve learned about foreign ways of living – acquired understanding for them. These understandings are something I use in my everyday life. I’ve taken bits and pieces of foreign cultures and their ways of living and adapted them to my own life. In doing so, I’m gradually finding the way of living that makes me happy and rounds me as a person.

Just to properly introduce myself: My name is Pernnille, a 20-something young woman from Denmark who has this longing to travel the world, which I think the concept of wanderlust covers perfectly. This blog is very much a product of wanderlust, and it tells my journey of my childhood dream of becoming a traveler. This blog includes personal takes from my everyday life in the shape of reflections on my life and way of living, I wish to tell my story of becoming a traveler. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the wonderful journey with me.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had this urge – or longing, really – from deep within to explore the world. Discover and explore foreign cultures and their people, learning about their lifestyles and acquire an understanding for them. I can’t explain where this longing for traveling comes from because we’ve never really traveled in my family, and I didn’t know anyone in my upbringing that traveled either. Maybe traveling has become my passion as a result of not perceiving Denmark as my home? And, therefore, having this longing for a home. Or an ache, really. The Germans have a word for this phenomenon. They call it fernweh. What fernweh means is, basically, that you’re homesick for a place you’ve never been. Hence, I like to travel and settle in foreign countries – with their various and different cultures – for a period of time in order to get to know these and figure out if that culture could potentially become my home. As such, I find myself falling more and more in love with this, in many ways, imperfect, yet perfect, world through my travels with beautiful sceneries and landscapes, cultures and people simultaneously with finding myself more and more. Or developing myself? Who knows… All I know is that my lust to wander somehow will lead me where I wish to go. And help me become who I wish to be.

xo P!

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131 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Pernille you have a very inspiring Blog! Thank you so much for stopping by my Blog and for deciding to Follow! I am an Artist Designer native from Italy but moved to California I hope that you enjoy my Art and creativity. I design jewelry inspired by nature. My art extends to Photography, Digital Art, Watercolor Painting, Creative writing and more…and of course I love travel…I am following your Blog now and I am looking forward to get to know you better and read your future posts! Let’s stay connected… 🙂 ❤

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  2. Ooow, I love this: ‘… These understandings are something I use in my everyday life. I’ve taken bites and pieces of foreign cultures and their ways of living and adapted them to my own life. In doing so, I’m gradually finding the way of living that makes me happy and rounds me as a person… ‘
    Have you listed anywhere on you blog which changes you have made to your style of living and from where? I would love read them!

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  3. Inspiring! Thank you for the follow and keep going. Travelling is enigmatic and can easily become addictive…but is worth it. A home is essential anyway because you have to take in and digest all experiences. Reflecting!

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  4. Clearly you are a pastmaster- an old soul who longs for the Far Places – Not the normal, everyday places – the strange and beautiful places that are difficult to find anything at the end of an easy path is probably not all that interesting – there was a traveler one, and he held something in his hand – a key – and she stood before the door that wasn’t a door – caught between the cost of going through the door to Far Places abd the cost of staying home
    She lifts the key

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  5. Hi Pernnille, really like reading this post. I think you are “Zigeuner” (Deutsche for Wanderer?) in one of your past life. So if by any chance you can travel to Indonesia, I really welcome you to my place and show you around. How locals lives, eat, and do here… 🙂

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    • Hi Villa,
      I’m so glad to hear that you like this little greeting ‘post’! And I think you’re absolutely right on the zigeuner thing. Many generations back on my fathers side, my family actually was zigueners – maybe it’s in my genes:)
      That sounds amazing! I definitely will. I can tell by your brilliant blog that you’re quite the traveler yourself. Would be fun to experience your home country with you as a native!

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  6. Hi Pernnille,

    You have an interesting blog! Travelling for sure is something worth striving towards! It is impossible to know all what it can teach you and how it will enrich your life with new friends and experiences. Keep at it, I will for sure follow your adventures. Thank you for the follow as well 🙂

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    • Thank you, Essie! I appreciate you stopping by my blog.
      Indeed, the only thing we know for certain is that it will enrich our lives – in one way or another. So lovely to e-meet a fellow travler!
      My pleasure (to follow your blog)! I really enjoy the work apsect of culture, you’re incorporating. I’ll for sure learn something from your experiences. Thanks for the follow as well!


      • Thank you so much! Work might be a scary subject to deploy but I hear so many amazing stories about it I thought I could try to inspire others with them too! I couldn’t leave travelling aside tho, it’s such a diverse subject! 🙂

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      • That’s such a good idea! Working in another national culture is such a different experience from ‘back home’. I think your insight into this could realy help other people!
        I’ve worked abroad as well and will in a couple of months again so I’m excited about your blog:)

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      • Sounds like you are heading towards an interesting adventure! Just the fact that you are living your everyday life in another country makes it more challenging but also rewarding! Best of luck with the new endeavor!

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  7. Hi Pernnille! Thank you for hooking into my blog, and sharing your wonderful life! Can’t wait to hear more about your trips. We saw a lot of the U.S. during childhood (parents loved to travel) and were thrilled every minute of it – its in our blood, but still love “home”.

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  8. Thank you for following my blog, Pernnille, and how wonderful that you’re following your dream! May you be filled with enlightening and inspiring adventures and meet many new and gracious friends! I wish you well, and travel safely!

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  9. I guess I am at the opposite end of the wanderlust symptom for now I am less interested in travel. That could be due to my age but though it shouldn’t be nevertheless it is the way I feel. I have done a lot of travelling during my lifetime have have enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I still love meeting people. I hope you get many opportunities to fulfill your dream of travelling in the future having already tasted what it is like.

    Shirley Anne x

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  10. I have travel in my DNA, so I know how you feel. Keep up your travels … never stop! Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I look forward to following you on your journeys.

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  11. It is such an indescribable feeling: travel or rather, to explore. I love walking cities and countrysides without a clue or purpose in the world, which seems to be when some of the most life-changing stuff happens.

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  12. This is great. I found my “other home” early on by living in France, especially Paris, for four years. Teaching English-as-a-Second-Language in Sydney when I returned to Australia helped me get to know and learn abut other cultures. I think it’s a spiritual leaning towards knowing the ineffable, or even a metaphor for re-finding Paradise Lost, the perfect place from where you originated, and have forgotten all about. As you say: Who knows?

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  13. Wow, cool blog! Glad to meet someone from Denmark! You have a great blog, and you write well, Pernnille. I am now a fan of your blog as well. Keep on posting!

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  14. I like your paragraph on your introduction! “This blog includes personal takes from my everyday life in the shape of reflections on my life and way of living, I wish to tell my story of becoming a traveler. “~~~~

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  15. I had not encountered the German word “fernweh” before, but it so perfectly describes the feeling that I’ve lived with my entire life! As you discovered on my blog, it has taken me many amazing places.

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