Wanderlust; A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel
and explore the world (Oxford Dictionaries Online).

Doesn’t that definition of wanderlust just makes you smile? It makes me smile! Maybe because wanderlust explains my condition… It’s the syndrome and traveling is the symptom. Not to bring forth any negative connotation on sickness, of course. Traveling is what puts a smile on my face. It’s something that I’ve chosen to incorporate in my life and made part of my lifestyle. Because for me, it’s a source of pure happiness. It’s that simple…
By traveling and exploring the world and its cultures, I’ve learned about foreign ways of living – acquired understanding for them. These understandings are something I use in my everyday life. I’ve taken bits and pieces of foreign cultures and their ways of living and adapted them to my own life. In doing so, I’m gradually finding the way of living that makes me happy and rounds me as a person.

Just to properly introduce myself: My name is Pernnille, a 20-something young woman from Denmark who has this longing to travel the world, which I think the concept of wanderlust covers perfectly. This blog is very much a product of wanderlust, and it tells my journey of my childhood dream of becoming a traveler. This blog includes personal takes from my everyday life in the shape of reflections on my life and way of living, I wish to tell my story of becoming a traveler. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the wonderful journey with me.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had this urge – or longing, really – from deep within to explore the world. Discover and explore foreign cultures and their people, learning about their lifestyles and acquire an understanding for them. I can’t explain where this longing for traveling comes from because we’ve never really traveled in my family, and I didn’t know anyone in my upbringing that traveled either. Maybe traveling has become my passion as a result of not perceiving Denmark as my home? And, therefore, having this longing for a home. Or an ache, really. The Germans have a word for this phenomenon. They call it fernweh. What fernweh means is, basically, that you’re homesick for a place you’ve never been. Hence, I like to travel and settle in foreign countries – with their various and different cultures – for a period of time in order to get to know these and figure out if that culture could potentially become my home. As such, I find myself falling more and more in love with this, in many ways, imperfect, yet perfect, world through my travels with beautiful sceneries and landscapes, cultures and people simultaneously with finding myself more and more. Or developing myself? Who knows… All I know is that my lust to wander somehow will lead me where I wish to go. And help me become who I wish to be.

xo P!

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131 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Your blog is enchanting! I am drawn to it because I will soon publish a memoir about my father, Hans Pederson, (changed from Pedersen,) who immigrated from Denmark to Seattle in his long-ago-youth.(He died when I was one month old and after coming a famous contractor.) Blogging brings friendships. My friends now are MariaHolm51 and her husband Henry Hogh, (Maria and Henry Jorgensen —he blogs in Danish which I don’t understand.), have researched my father’s Danish roots and helped me so much. Many Scandinavians settled in Seattle in the late 19th century. Enjoy your wanderings!

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  2. Hello Pernnille! Nice post on your ‘Welcome’ page! I liked reading on how much you love getting to really know different cultures in your travels! You’ve got a lovely blog and I’m looking forward to read on your future posts! Hope one day you get to find the place you’ll call HOME 🙂

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  3. Wow! You must have a really big heart accomodating new cultures and striving to understand other people’s way of life. I would enjoy your posts because I love reading wide into new places too.

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  4. I understand, applaud, and share your attitude toward this ‘condition’! May your travels always bring you joy, and may you discover (as I have) that whether or not you feel perfect contentment in your birthplace, everywhere you go in the world is Home if you find great community there. All of the places I love most begin their appeal with an attraction to the landscape, the resources, or the adventures I find there, but they become beloved because of the relationships built there, often surprising ones that happen in quite serendipitous ways. Your openness tells me that you know this already, too. Happy travels, always!

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  5. Great way to spend your life! I feel I travel in spirit because I have so many experiences, and live so many lives,see so many events,and feel so many emotions as a psychic medium. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy yours very much.

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  6. Love your explanation of the syndrome vs. the symptom! I try to prolong everything about how travel makes me feel for as long as possible. I get the “pre-glow” in planning a trip, the “glow” while I’m away, and the “after-glow,” in blogging about it.

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  7. Hi Pernille! I absolutely love Denmark! I spent a few months in Copenhagen (and in the winter too!) and would go back any time. Miss the cinnamon buns and delicious coffee. Wonderful city, wonderful people! Please visit again soon! 🙂 Jacqueline


  8. Lovely post. I can’t agree more with you. I’m Italian, I lived 3 months in New York and now I’m living in London. It’s not always easy, living far away from home and family, leaving constantly something back; but the thrill that traveling and experiencing new cultures and knowing knew people gives to you, it’s worth it, at least for me.

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  9. The flame of wanderlust burns low within my ancient frame these days. I never made it off the North American continent but I did cover this one fairly well back in the distant days of my youth. I always preferred the north. It seems more elemental than southern climes.
    See the other side of as many mountains as you can while you are young.

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  10. I agree! Travelling has developed and changed me for the better– I think travelling shouldn’t be about the materialistic consumption of where one stays etc, it should be about understanding and experiencing unique cultures, meeting locals, volunteering, exploring the different terrain!

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