Wishful Thinking: Future road trips

Ever dreamed of doing a road trip? I have! And not just one… several.

There are certain countries and their cultures that I would like to explore by doing a road trip. Contrary to a vacation, I believe that a road trip would allow a more intense insight into a country’s culture(s) over a longer period of time. The fact that it would be over a longer period of time is key to me. Because, when it’s over a longer period of time, you, simply, have more time to explore a culture and acquire deeper understanding for it. This, I find very appealing.

At the moment, I have seven countries in mind in which I would love to explore a country’s different cultures and acquire some understanding for its lifestyle(s). The seven countries are that all have a stunningly beautiful scenery as well as, for me, interesting history in common are 1) Norway, 2) Sweden, 3) France, 4) Germany, 5) Australia, 6) America and 7) Iceland.

Thousand places to see before you die

I don’t have any specific routes in mind nor plans on when and with whom it could actually be possible to do these road trips. However, I have a plan of doing them some time in my life with friends and hopefully my future husband. Moving to Holland soon, I could imagine that road trips in Germany and France might be possible within the next couple of years. Furthermore, with plans on settling in among others America and Sweden within the next 10-15 years for a longer period of time, doing road trips in America, Sweden and Norway should be highly likely. For Australia and Iceland, however, these road trips are road trips geographically further away that acquire a certain amount of economic resources – so I better start saving. But for the adventures that lies ahead, it’s worth it! The chance – any chance, really – to explore foreign cultures is right around the corner and I plan to take it!

xo P!