Lesson Learned: Being single for a longer period of time

In general, people tend to be happier and maybe even more fulfilled in a romantic relationship. However, being single can lead to great personal development and growth if you decide to explore yourself, your passions and your dreams.

Being single

Although I am now in a happy relationship, I wouldn’t have traced the longer period of time being single with anything! Being single, namely, helped me develop my independence as well as needs and wants while growing into a woman. Truth is, I don’t feel like I need a man in my life. So when I despite this feeling chose to be with one, it’s because I can’t help it. Some people, however, are going from one romantic relationship to another because they don’t like being alone – they might even fear it. However, there are so many good lessons to learn from being single – lessons that help you grow and develop as a person:

  • Love isn’t bound to a romantic relationship – love is bound to all relationships (and places). It isn’t a state of being but a state of feeling. As such, you can find love everywhere.
  • You don’t need anyone else to validate your worth. By exploring yourself and the world with all the fantastic people and places in it, you learn about yourself: You learn to see the value you have – your own self-worth, so to say.
  • You can accomplish so much on your own and find your way without having a special somebody in your life that you have to consider for your every move. What do you feel like? Do it! Explore, experience, learn, gain perspective and understanding.
  • Amazing things can happen when you keep an open mind and follow your heart – have faith in and trust yourself.
  • Alone time is underestimated – alone time is recovery time! We all need to reflect upon people and situations in our lives, alone time gives us that chance: Quiet reflection and powerful insight and understanding.
  • You have more time to concentrate on your friendships and strengthen these. Through other people, there is a lot to learn about yourself as well.
  • You are more aware of yourself and what you need and want in a romantic relationship in the future. No rush, you can wait for someone who feels right for you.

What do you think? What are your experiences being single? What have you learned by being single?

xo P!