Down Memory Lane: My four favourite travel destinations

Because I find myself stranded in Denmark for the next three months, I’m constantly daydreaming about traveling – what could be…and what have been. As such, I wanted to present a little top three of my favourite travel destinations – places where I have been…so far. Because I couldn’t just pick three, I’ll give you my four favourite travel destinations. These four destinations are places that will have a special place in my heart forevermore. Like you can fall in love with people, you can definitely fall in love with destinations, too. I’ve fallen hard for these four destinations.

What a cliche, right!? Truth is, I fell in love with the United Kingdom when I very young due to its culture, history and scenery, and my first love was London. In 2012, I was lucky enough to be able to undertake a student exchange for seven months in this amazing city. It was such a wonderful experience where I explored much of England and Wales and made some very good friends. In short, London has it all. It’s such a cultural diverse capital with cultural treasures around every corner. The different districts alone vary and so do the people that live in these districts. It’s rather fascinating – especially when coming from a small town in the southern part of Denmark.
My favourite district is Camden. This area is full of life in all its colourful variations. It’s a rather artistic area in which creativity is the driving force and where people can just be themselves – and express themselves in whatever way they deem fit. As a result, it’s a colourful as well as musical district where the cuisine is highly cultural diverse along with the clothing. You cannot visit this district and not be influenced by its essence and reminded of how great life truly is. For me, this district, namely, celebrates diversity… as well as life.






The Scottish Highlands
I’m a huge fan of beautiful scenery and landscapes! When I travel, I like to combine city and country life. As a result, I’ve explored much scenery on my travels. However, no place has yet beaten the Scottish Highlands. Oh my, it’s breathtaking!
I visited the Scottish Highlands in 2013 when I along with a dear friend decided to spend a week’s holiday in Edinburgh. On a day trip to Loch Ness, we drove through parts of the Scottish Highlands – what an adventure. We were nothing but amazed by the scenery and discussed seriously in detail (and still do) to live in the area one day. The green, rough scenery with mountains and lakes is, for me, the perfect landscape combination.

Scottish highlandScottish highland.





Growing up 10 km. to the German boarder, I’ve visited Berlin a few times in my up-bringing. However, I also chose to live there for six months this year while writing my MA dissertation. Truly one of my best decisions thus far.
Like London (or any big capital, really), this metropolis is full of diversity – and full of artists. Walking around this historic and artistic city with lots of green areas is a treat for any traveler, I think. Where London is more proper and characterised as a rather hierarchical class society with guidelines on behaviour, Berlin is more open-minded and there is room for everyone there. Also divided into districts, Berlin is build up of various and different variations of itself – my favourite being the artistic Kreuzberg. Along with the visible artistic expressions and the many green areas, the cultural diversity and open-mindedness is something I really enjoyed while living in Berlin.

BerlinBerlin Wall





Connemara and Galway City
With its wild flora and fauna in west Ireland, the region of Connemara in county Galway is stunningly beautiful. In general, Ireland is not only a historical interesting country to visit, however, the Emerald Island also has a lot to offer considering the landscape. However, Connemara, in my opinion, stands out with a rather diverse and wild scenery. Admiring the combination of mountains, lakes and green areas, Connemara has it all. I would love to return for a visit and just drive around this area and do a picnics in the middle of nowhere.
In this county, also Galway city is worth a visit. Along with a dear friend, I spent a long weekend in Galway exploring the city itself and its treasures. This city is not big, however, is full of charm. With day tours, museums, cinemas, shopping street and centers, nice restaurants and a lively city life, there’s enough to do in Galway and you won’t get easily bored there.

Connemara Kylemore AbbeyGalway





As you might have figured out by now, the perfect travel experience for me includes insight into the city as well as country life of a country. I really like the contrasts between the city life with lots of life and cultural diverse attractions/food/history etc. and country life rooted in the country in question’s history, scenery and landscape. For me, it’s just the perfect combination.

What are your favourite travel destinations?

xo P!