Wonderlost Wednesday: Stockholm

Earlier this year in March, a friend and I visited Stockholm on an extended weekend tour. Although, I’ve grown up in Denmark so close to Sweden, I had never been to the country before. Needless to say, I was excited to explore the capital of Stockholm due to its reputation. In this sense, I must say that it didn’t disappoint me. At all! Compared to Copenhagen, Stockholm has a lot to offer – and not just in city life but also in scenery – and atmosphere.

Stockhom Harbour...

Comprised of 14 islands and numerous areas and districts centered around medieval Gamla Stan (Old Town), Stockholm is nothing but exciting to explore as a mosaic of unique areas and districts. This little adorable, lively city full of beautiful architecture and scenery captured my heart immediately. It’s a city in which I could very well imagine myself growing old at one point – once I’ve explored the world, of course, and am ready to (to some extent) settle.

On our trip, I, especially, came to adore Gamla Stan. Dating back to the 13th century, this district is my favourite part of Stockholm. The architecture, scenery with habour views, cute stores, pubs, restaurants and cafes – the atmosphere – are just in my spirit and I could spend hours exploring this district. However, in general, Stockholm with its various and different areas and districts are quite exciting and I wished we had had more time in Stockholm.
Normally, I’m not much of a museum enthusiast. However, some of the museums of Stockholm such as the Vasa Museum, Astrid Lindgren Museum (Junibacken), the Royal Palace etc. are interesting museums that take the concept of museums to a new level as more interactive museums – I like that.

Old Town, StockholmStockholm Harbour.







If you wish to explore Scandinavia, I would definitely choose Sweden or Norway as these two Nordic countries just have a more diverse scenery. And should you find yourself in Stockholm, I can warmly recommend visiting the Ice Bar by Ice Hotel. Although it is a bit expensive (even for Scandinavian prices), it is quite the tourist experience.

xo P!

Ice BarIce Bar.

Wonderlost Wednesday: Potsdam

Brandenburg Gate

Living in Berlin for a longer period of time this year with the royal Potsdam right around the corner, I simply had to visit the city. As such, so I did, and I was stunned by what I saw. This breathtaking little city full of charm, history and culture just 25 minutes with train from Berlin city centre has made a lasting impression on me. Not only is the city itself diverse with an old town, new town and a Dutch Quarter as well as various shopping possibilities etc., no, the city also has its own palaces just outside Brandenburg Gate.

Sanssouci Park.Sanssouci Park





Residence of the old German royal family up until 1918, this city is nothing but spectacular! The old royal seat at Sanssouci Park is absolutely beautiful and definitely exceeds its reputation. The area doesn’t only include the well-known Sanssouci Palace, however, also several other palaces and its gardens as well as various other spectacular buildings open for the public to explore – it’s truly magnificent. I spent an entire day here just exploring the area. As you can actually see the palaces from the inside and get a glimpse of royal life, a day is packing the schedule and I had to come back to explore the rest and just take time to enjoy the many acres of garden with beautiful flowers, trees and lakes.
So if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, this little city of Potsdam may be quite the adventure for you to explore – I know I really enjoy exploring the city and Sanssouci Park.

Sanssouci PalaceNew Palace






xo P!

Wonderlost Wednesday: The Giant’s Causeway

After having relocated to Dublin, Ireland, for seven months last year, I quickly started planning the many trips I wanted to take around the country and Northern Ireland. As a scenery lover, one of my first trips was to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, which has left me with quite an impression.

Giants CausewayGiants Causeway.

The Giant’s Causeway is one of those magical places where you feel overwhelmed not only by the stunning scenery with wild cliffs and the North Atlantic Ocean, however, also the 40,000 interlocking basalt columns that line up at the coast. As a result of volcanic eruption, these basalt columns have been a great source for speculations throughout the years resulting in various and different myths. According to Irish folklore, the Irish giant, Finn MacCool, build the columns across the North Channel in order to fight another giant – namely, the Scottish giant, Benandonner. This is quite the story, and if there’s one thing (beside from Guinness) that the Irish like, it’s myths… (And fairies). This fact and so much more makes Ireland a perfect travel destination for me. And with its wild scenery, dramatic cliffs, the North Atlantic Ocean and myths, the area around the fourth greatest natural wonder of the United Kingdom, the Giant’s Causeway, is definitely worth a visit.

xo P!

Introducing: Wonderlost Wednesday

Starting Wednesday next week, I’ll be doing a weekly Wonderlost Wednesday post. The concept of Wonderlost Wednesday is about posting a photo with a brief description of my previous travels. As such, it will be a flash back to one of my adventures.

Actually, I haven’t traveled much yet. I’ve only been to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Germany. However, because I’ve been living in Denmark, England, Ireland and Germany for longer periods of time, I’ve traveled around the countries. As a result, I’ve seen much of the countries’ attractions and scenery while mingling with locals and acquired an understanding for the cultures. Hence, the idea of Wonderlost Wednesday, which is a result of a previous blog post on my four favourite travel destinations. As such, I wish to share one of my travel memories with you every Wednesday. I hope you’ll like it.

xo P!

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