Wanderlust: What it means to me

Although the term of wanderlust has a clear definition, I think all travelers add something personal to this definition: Their source of wanderlust. Because even though it is a term, wanderlust in the end is a feeling. I believe that some of us are born with this feeling, while others develop it as they grow. …I was born with it.

To me, this feeling is all about discovering new ways of living and behaving through travels. By learning new ways, you can namely better your way of living: Adding foreign values and norms to your life, adds insight into your current way of living. As such, I take bits and pieces of foreign cultures and their ways of living and adapt them to my own life. In doing so, I’m gradually finding the way of living that makes me happy and rounds me as a person. Acquiring insight and understanding, therefore, makes a world of difference to me as a person.


In the end, traveling quite simply fuels me. I believe this is why travelers in general can’t get enough – more wants more. Something in me wants to go – go explore everything I can. Good and bad. You learn from all. I more and more feel that hunger for it, and in periods where it’s not part of my daily life, I am effected emotionally by the lack of it. …There’s a world of adventures out there waiting. If I, therefore, don’t go explore and discover, I feel as if I’m missing out on life. …I want to experience and explore as much as possible in my life. Moreover, I want to share my adventures with friends and strangers with a similar mindset – I want to learn from them. Ultimately, I never want to settle or be limited to one place only. No, as they say: The world is my oyster. So…when I say that I have wanderlust, it means that I have to travel to explore and discover in order to acquire knowledge of and understanding for the world. I will never be content or truly happy if I don’t – this I know for sure! I will continue to travel and settle in different cultures because it simply is in my nature to do so. I soak up as much of this magical world as possible on my adventures so when people ask, ”what’s it like?” I can reply, ”let me tell you…”

xo P!



Traveling: Like falling in love

To me, traveling is exactly like falling in love. Let me elaborate on this: I feel this way for many reasons, however, mainly because you go through all the emotions of a romantic relationship: Excitement, fear, happiness, sadness, frustration, relief, curiosity, desire etc. It’s a state of mind out of your control… You just have to roll with it!


The longing to explore and discover takes your breath away time after time. You look forward to every moment, every experience it can lead to with an open heart and an open mind. …You can’t get enough. More wants more. Exactly like true love, you always ache to discover more. In return, the feeling you get when discovering something new is nothing less than exhilarating! Actually…it’s addictive – or…it is to me! Because when you’re in love with a person, you not only long for them all the time, however, you also want to know every thing, every detail about them. To me, it’s the exact same emotions that are touched and feelings I get when I travel. Driven by curiosity and excitement, I just want to explore, discover and acquire insight and understanding – and there’s always more to discover. Moreover, it’s the one thing, you’ll sacrifice more or less everything for – it’s about prioritising, right!? And why not prioritise happiness and a positive mind-set at all means?
…Now that I’ve come to think about it, I believe this is exactly why I don’t understand when people don’t like traveling. Why would you not chase happiness!? Of course, like any love, it’s not one without reservation and uncertainty: However, like any true love should be, you trust it – you have your guards open at first but with an open heart and mind. Furthermore, you accept the good and bad. You even reach a point where you appreciate the bad, turn it into good. You fall in love with the differences you can learn from – the ones you grow from. You turn bad into good and thrive on the differences because it inspires you, it motivates you. It motivates you to work harder in pursuing the connection and a better life – the life of a traveler. As a result, you do all that’s in your power to make it work – even if the foreign culture of choice is out of your comfort zone – you adapt and assimilate.
Even if a travel ends up not being for you, you hold memories for a lifetime to treasure. Even if it isn’t for you and the pain is almost unbearable at first, you’re thankful for every experience along the way that has helped shaped you as a person in the process. Even if it’s not for you, truth namely is that you’re a better person because of it.

That’s exactly why traveling is like falling in love to me. What does traveling mean to you?

xo P!



Purpose of Traveling: Does there have to be a reason?

The times I’ve planned to live abroad, people often ask me: ”Why this city and/or country?” Except for London in England, which was a childhood dream come true, I don’t have an answer. I travel without purpose or reason – sort of. Of course, I have a purpose with my stay, however, I don’t have a purpose or reason for choosing a particular city in a certain country. I just want to explore, discover, learn and acquire understanding for foreign cultures and their lifestyles. It’s that simple. And for a person who wants to explore the world, this seems like a logical line of thought. Right?

Travel without purpose or reason

Yesterday, I spoke to a dear friend and told her about my plans regarding moving to Amsterdam in January. After having told her that I already have an apartment there and that all the practical matters are sorted out and planned, the first thing she asked was: ”Why Amsterdam?” Well… All I could say was: ”Because I’m drawn to the city and have been for almost a year now.” Baffled over my reply she implied that I must have some plans? My reply: ”Not really. I have an apartment and I’ll figure out the rest when I’m there.” She seemed confused and stressed on my behalf that, as a newly MA graduate, I didn’t have some plans, work-wise. Finally… I understood where she was going: If I could actually work there – that was the question. ”Of course,” I replied and told her about the job market in Amsterdam and how I’ve been researching all about it and living in Amsterdam for the last ten months. Because, of course, I have to hopes and wishes when it comes to working there, however, the rest I’ll figure out when I’m there. I’m a highly organised and structured person – I don’t really work without plans for, what I perceive, important aspects of my life (such as a place to live or work). I’m not nervous or anxious about not settling and/or feeling at home in Amsterdam – for me, home is something you create. Maybe I should be nervous… However, in my experience, things have a way of working out, and I will find a job before moving, which is all I need now that I have a place to live. Otherwise, I can’t wait for my next adventure – it will be amazing! Like always. Nothing less.

xo P!