Why Travel: Why not!?

I’m not saying, I’ve traveled much because taking the number of the world’s countries into perspective, I really haven’t. However, I’ve traveled parts of Europe – I’ve even lived in various foreign countries. Furthermore, I plan to travel the world – bit by bit – and settle in various other countries.


I count myself lucky to have been given or developed an interest in and curiosity about foreign countries: An interest in acquiring insight into and understanding for foreign cultures and their ways of living – for people different from me, not just culture-wise. My eager in getting to know foreign norms and ways of living has changed my life in more than one way and it continues to do so. In this sense, some people don’t understand my interest, curiosity and eager for foreign cultures – for traveling… …definitely not for wanting to settle in foreign countries. In return, I don’t understand them either. I mean, why not travel!? Travel gives you insight and understanding – perspective. It enlighten and educates you.

If we live only in our own little worlds – not exploring difference, we become ignorant and unable to put ourselves in the shoes of other people – and other people from foreign cultures, their norms and lifestyles. However, if we expand our little worlds to include the worlds of other people – especially people from foreign cultures, we challenge ourselves and gain perspective. Furthermore, we get to explore and experience things we only thought existed in our imagination and we get to meet new people with various and different takes on life from all over the world. As a result, we expand our social and (interultural) communication skills as well as grow and develop as human beings. Hence, I’m not sure why some people need reasons why to travel – it’s probably part of that side of it that I just don’t understand. …I can’t wrap my mind around it. Especially, because I can’t find enough reasons why not to travel!?

xo P!


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17 thoughts on “Why Travel: Why not!?

  1. I so relate to that feeling! I never understand why people need a reason, an objective explanation to explore. I mean, it is the best you tan do. It is literally making the best out of the time you’re given on this planet…

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  2. We have traveled and lived in quite a few countries now. It’s been the best years of our lives and a real privilege. The children have grown up with a perspective that truly makes them citizens of the world. Multiple languages under their belt, friends in many different cultures. If there were more people in this world who had traveled, lived and breathed foreign countries we would not have many of the ugly issues and troubles we see with us today. But hey what do I know, I’m just a dog eh?


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  3. This! I relate to this post so well it’s not even funny. I have that driving urge to travel, to experience, to understand other cultures and other people, but my friends and my family don’t get it. They’re content to stay home. Yet, I’m not.

    If I could I would likely live in different countries for a year each just to fully experience them because I feel that you can’t really experience a culture, or the lifestyle, or the people, if you’re just a tourist. You don’t have enough time to immerse yourself and understand.

    All in all I agree with you: Why not travel?

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