Travel Tip: Keep a travel journey

For the last five years, I have been keeping a travel journey. The reasons for this are many, however, it’s mainly because I wish to remember the details and my observations made when abroad. Furthermore, I want to remember the people and their stories. To me, a travel journey represents the perfect way to capture all the significant memories from travels. When having a travel journey, you can namely always take it out and explore again what you’ve already explored: Remember where you’re perspectives comes from and reflect on it.

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Exploring foreign cultures and acquire insight into these and perspective on foreign and own culture can be a somewhat comprehensive and daunting experience – wonderful and exciting, of course, but daunting indeed. So much happens when you travel to explore foreign cultures. Because I personally tend to forget the details in happenings and the funny stories, I decided to keep a travel journey in which all my adventures along with the experiences made have been written down. For me, this is the perfect way to remember all the small, significant details that makes my memories complete. Of course, I don’t write everything down – only the, to me, important stuff. Along with photos, I that way have a detailed overview of my travels. Sometimes, it’s interesting to go back and refresh your memory: Remembering the people foreign norms and customs and the funny stories from travels.

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14 thoughts on “Travel Tip: Keep a travel journey

  1. The reason I started a blog is kind of to have a travel journal. Then I can just go back to my old posts to see where I’ve been. As the years go by, you tend to forget the places and impressions 😛

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  2. As I’m leaving for New Zealand and Australia in 8 days, I’m planning to do something completely different. Partly inspired by a colleague, I’m planning to write a little story/poem every day just to see where it brings me, based on the pictures I will have taken on the day. 🙂

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  3. Such a great idea. I definite document my travels, but its a great thing to do for adventures closer to home as well. That’s actually how my blog started. I was keeping a journal/scrapbook of the various things that I do around my home city, New York City, and I had become the person that everyone started asking for suggestions when they wanted to do something new. The blog just became an outgrowth of those earlier efforts, but written for other people rather than just myself.

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